Monday, November 14, 2011

The Self-Hating Rich: Michael Moore Edition

Michael Moore rants and raves against the rich. All indications are that he is part of the group, though he will deny it on camera.

Here he denies it to Piers Morgan of CNN:

Andrew Breitbart writes:
The fact is that Moore is so wealthy that he does not need to worry about his income. According to public tax records, Moore owns a massive vacation home on Torch Lake, Michigan–one of the most elite communities in the United States–in addition to his posh Manhattan residence.
Here's a pic of Moore's summer home in Torch Lake.

Moore without question has made tens of millions from his movies, it is possible it's been hundreds of millions.


  1. I respect Mike Moore, not for his dishonest movies, but for his capitalistic drive to exploit the nitwit left. Mike's business strategy of exploiting themes that drive left wingers nuts is a good one, but then when you realize that he can charge his viewers top dollar to watch extremely low budget films that look like they were made with home video equipment and high school drama club editing skills, that makes him brilliant and very rich!

    As for his left wing anti-capitalist rants, you need to look at them as a sort of brand management that is necessary for him to remain acceptable to the left while he lives a lifestyle that is completely the contradiction of what he preaches. Like the Champagne Socialists in Europe and the limo-libs in Hollywood, Mike is very skillful at maintaining a wealthy elitist lifestyle while appealing to the left and their hatred of "the rich". Mike's words may make him sound like a socialists/anti-capitalist, but Mike's actions and life style show that he is a shrewd capitalist.

    1. hey maybe your right?
      i never thought of it like that i thought he really was a "sicko"
      i guess us conservatives never stop to think about how sometimes capitalism does cause our own demise
      by making money off of idiots who hate it LOL

  2. It's a shame that Moore deprived the truly needy from help when he accepted $1,000,000 in government subsidies to make "Capitalism: A Love Story".

  3. I'm surprised he fits in that house. It must extend much farther back into the woods than is apparent from the picture.

  4. Moore is a clasic example of what happens when we give a little man, with a little brain, with no commom sense, a big stage and an audience. If he detests our system of government and opportunities afforded thereby, so much, why doesn't he sell the posessions he has give the money to the truely needy anl live like the people he claims to love??? It is all fake!

  5. Anonymous- very well said! Bravo to your eloquent take on Moore.

  6. Well of course one would expect such comments from an individual with such an ethics level as Mr. Moore. Of course he would justify himself to no end. Obviously Mr. Moore's confusions are not limited to global warming and capitalism, but extend to the nature of the Occupy movement and his own self.

    I suspect very soon, Mr. Moore will have an awakening that will shake him in his boots.

  7. The issue you are discussing is whether Michael Moore makes his money honestly. This is separate from the issue of his movies, which are about abuses and imbalances, and these need to be publicly debated.

  8. If Mr. Moore devotes himself to those who don't do as well as he does, he should go down to Liberty Park and explain to the 99% how he is really with them. Others who have done really well have been there and related to the 99% - Peter Schiff, who admitted to their face, he is in the 1%; Gerald Celente, who recorded YouTube videos offering them an opportunity to be heard; David Crosby and Graham Nash, who inspired them with music.

    What has Mr. Moore done - he has confused them about capitalism. He has confused the populace about global warming. Mr. Moore is simply a very well to do opportunist and he refuses to admit it.

  9. Michael Moore earns his income by making movies that appeal to a large number of people.
    He, like many others, does NOT object to people earning a lot of money but we all object to parasites who simply use money to make money through speculation. A high (1%) speculation tax will solve most of these problems.

  10. Moore doesn't even make his movies "honestly". Everything he does is so obviously slanted to be as provocative as possible. Face it, MM is the pre-eminent huckster of our time. At the very he's least a close second to Gore.

  11. @Anon 11:44 that is not what Mike said in the above piece. I am curious how do you arrive at the conclusion that a speculator is a parasite? I am also curious how you think that a market would ever work without speculation? Without speculation market prices would be very erratic due to the loss of liquidity. Speculators speculate on both sides of the transaction (buy/sell) which is what keeps markets in check.
    Who do you think is buying when people are panic selling and who do you think is selling (shorting) when a market gets ahead of itself? I think maybe you are confusing speculation with manipulation.

  12. Dear Michael,

    Yes, this is your friend, Fidel. I saw your recent video. Thank you so much for your support of the socialist way! In fact, I was thinking, since you are so supportive of socialism, why don't you move here to Havana? What I could do, to help, is have some house movers come to your mansion in Torch Lake, and we could move the whole thing down here to Cuba. You won't mind sharing your mansion with the 86,432 other people I have planned for it, will you? Remember, from each according to their ability.... and since you have had the ability to fleece the American public for so many years, I KNOW you will want to share your good fortune with all the others here.

    Now, about that zillion dollar penthouse in NYC you have. I know we can't move that. However, I simply suggest you sell it, and donate the money to the "People's Sit on Their Socialist Azz" group we have here (a divison of ACORN in the US)

    Call me, Mikey. Let's talk. You can reach me in my exclusive Russian built, 20,000 sq. ft dacha.

    Regards, Fidel

  13. This is not new - this has been exposed and talked about on Alex Jone's along Celente and others about 'Capitalism'

    This country is already drowning in the sewers......

  14. To whom it may concern:

    I am a young independent film-maker looking for sponsors for a documentary I'd like to direct.

    It's called "Michael and Me". It's a documentary about Michael Moore, a self-righteous, self-aggrandizing film-maker who promotes a populist, anti-establishment message but lives a hypocritical life, enveloping himself in the very establishment luxuries that he criticizes so vociferously in his films.

    Anybody out there willing to support this endeavor?

  15. y'all are a bunch of crybabies. This person (man?) has done what most only dream of. Who gives a darn what he says "publicly"? Mind your own business. As I Will. Thanks bu-bye!

  16. Is it possible that the message Michael Moore is trying to say is that capitalism is good only when it benefits the greater good? I don't agree with what he said during the CNN interview, but at the end of the day, don't we all suffer when greed takes over? Look at the bailouts, the large corporations that pollute the air and water, the GMO s that are routinely in our food (that have NEVER been tested on humans for any length of time) all in the name of profits. Don't we all suffer as a society? When will everyone realize that we are all trying to say the same thing? We all have much in common. Isn't it true that we all need clean air to breath, clean water to drink and clean, fertile soil to grow food? Everyone needs to take a step back and start to mature as a society.

  17. A friend of mine worked for him. But she had to leave after a couple years because she couldn't get healthcare. True story

  18. ---BEWARE! --BEWARE! from 'Left' to 'Right' ---ALLLL
    'authorized' OP--EYE--CONS. That would include everyone
    from Moore and Maddow ---to Buchanan and Limbaugh and Coulter.

    ALLLLL of them are 'on board' and pitching major
    disinfo, 'DIS---traction' and cover for the undeniably
    unfolding, 4 decades ON, Globalist ---RED China handover
    and DE POP takedown op.

    NOTICE --Moore, the 'working man', NEVER says anything
    about the horrific wage and work conditions inside the
    Rockefeller EUGENICS borg 'Model for the World' --RED China.

    NOTICE neither he --nor Maher --nor Oliver Stone, for
    all their 'RA'--dick--ALL' poser -have NEVER omce laid
    bare the legacy and practice of unaccountable Global
    USURY ---or its horrific shadow ---EUGENICS.

    AGAIN BEWARE! DO NOT BE TAKE IN ----by ANY of them!