Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shots Fired:Carney Takes Down Obama Confidant

Tim Carney is not pulling any punches in his takedown of David Axelrod:
Is Obama's chief political confidant David Axelrod lying about Obama and the revolving door, or is he really that ignorant?

I really try to avoid accusing people of lying, because one precondition of a lie is that the speaker knows what he is saying to be false. We simply can't know what another person's state of mind is. Often, comments come across as lies that are really misperceptions or ambiguous statements.

But what Axelrod said about the revolving door on CNN yesterday (highlighted in this Charlie Spiering blog post headlined "Tim Carney's Head Just Exploded") is not just demonstrably false, but it's hard to imagine an intelligent human being in Obama's inner circle not grasping how truly false and misleading it is.
The full Carney take down of Axlerod, line-by-line, is here.


  1. It would be so much easier if the alleged liar had some article of clothing that spontaneously burst into flames whenever the untruth was spoken.

  2. Dogs have bark collars that activate and give them a shock when they bark. Wouldn't it be great if politicians and government employees were required to wear a "lie collar" that gave them a shock every time they blatantly lied?
    No insult to dogs intended by this comparison.

  3. All politicians lie, it's in their genes. This administration has taking lying to a new low. Almost anything they say is a blatant lie. they depend on the ignorance of the American people. The real problem with their lies is the lamestream media that will not call them on it and has become nothing but a propaganda machine for the democrats. We are not as uninformed as they want, that is why they need to control the Internet.

  4. typical thats todays party members ,get rid of the ~~~~~~~~~~ r +d +tp