Friday, November 11, 2011

What I Know About 9-11

I sure opened up a can of worms when I recently posted that I had a conversation with with a key investigator for the 9-11 Commission and then wrote that he told me "operational information" that was so detailed that I am afraid to write about it here.

The comments to that post indicate a great desire to know more about what I know, so here goes.

First, what the investigator told me was not about 9-11. Whenever I asked him about 9-11, he pretty much threw back at me chapters from the 9-11 Commission report. Nothing exciting there.

But he is an investigator and one thing investigators, private detectives, etc., love to do is gossip. So he did tell me some semi-interesting stuff that I'm guessing he heard from other investigators. He told me that the blood evidence surrounding where Vince Foster was found in Fort Marcy Park proved that the body was moved there after Foster's death. He also told me that, and he seemed to think this was real odd and important, phone records show that Hillary Clinton was the first person notified at the White House of Foster's death.

As for the "operational method" he discussed with me, that was on a different subject, I am not going to get into here.

On what I know about 9-11, I have written about it before at EPJ, but that was sometime back, so for the benefit of new readers I will repeat that information.

In July, 2006, I reported that records relating to options trading on airline stocks were destroyed. My source told me that men visited the president of the CBOE just days after the attack and identified themselves as government agents. They told the president that the CBOE should stop its investigation into who bought the put options that went up dramatically in price as a result of the 9-11 attack. My source tells me records about the trades were destroyed.

More recently, a report has surfaced that the SEC is confirming destruction of records on who bought the put options:

David Callahan - executive editor of SmartCEO - submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the SEC regarding the pre-9/11 put options.

Here's how the SEC replied:
This letter is in response to your request seeking access to and copies of the documentary evidence referred to in footnote 130 of Chapter 5 of the September 11 (9/11) Commission Report...We have been advised that the potentially responsive records have been destroyed.
As I said at the time of this response from the SEC:
If ever a Congressional inquiry was required, this certainly appears to be a case.

The then CBOE chairman and CEO William Brodsky, the then Vice-Chairman Mark Duffy and the then President and COO Edward Joyce need to be hauled before Congress and asked if an investigation of the put option trading was conducted. If not, why not? (It would appear to be fairly standard to conduct such an investigation given the unusual trading volume in the options) And, if an investigation was conducted, where are the results?

I am not holding my breath.
My attempt to get another odd event surrounding 9-11 investigated resulted in a shrug.

The week before the 9-11 atatck, I happened to be in LA. I was taking a flight up to San Francisco, when I arrived at LAX, the area was filled with police cars. Inside the airport, police were everywhere. At the escalators leading to the gates, an airline employee stood with a police officer at her side and checked everyone's ID. Pre-9-11, this was highly unusual. Given that it occurred the week before 9-11, it has, ever since the attack, heightened my level of curiosity about all those police and unusual ID checking procedures that day. Were they tipped off and got the date wrong?

I even thought I once had a chance to get this oddity investigated.

Some years ago, at an event in Los Angeles, I ended up sitting at dinner with Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and his wife.

Never one to let an opportunity pass by, I told my pre-9-11 tale to the DA and his wife.

Cooley's wife reacted the way I was hoping Cooley would. She looked shocked and surprised. I clearly got the impression that she thought it was something that should be looked into. We both looked at Cooley for his reaction. He shrugged and said, "It was probably a training exercise."

Nothing to look at there, I guess. Just keep moving.


  1. Very interesting stuff. Everything surrounding 9-11 is so fishy.

  2. Vince Foster? VINCE FOSTER???


  3. Robert,

    As I mentioned, I've become quite fond of reading your blog. I was worried about you. Now that you've clarified this, I'll take you off the suicide watch list. But, don't drop a hint like that again!

    What? Vince didn't commit suicide? I'm shocked.


  5. As any intelligence professional will tell you, most intelligence work is putting together information that is already available publicly. And there is more than enough publicly available information about 9/11 to prove the government's version (in the 9/11 Commission Report) is so false, it wasn't even meant to fool anyone who cared enough to look. Once you add what the whistleblowers have to say, it's obvious, at the very least, that the US actively covered up for the perpetrators.

    I've even posted some of this here before but it's definitely relevant and it might give others a place to start.

    For an overview of the market activity, see "Evidence of Insider Trading before September 11th Re-examined", "Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001" and the "Insider Trading and Other Foreknowledge" section of the Complete 911 Timeline project at History Commons.

    One of the more interesting stories is the story of a data recovery company, named Convar, which made headlines in December 2001 when they achieved what was supposed to be impossible and were able to recover data from the destroyed, encrypted hard drives found in the WTC rubble. After Convar put out this press release (still available thanks to the internet) saying they had uncovered evidence of illegal transfers of more than $100 million that were made immediately before and during the disaster, it generated multiple stories is the US media but, after that week, it wasn't mentioned again.

    Convar will no longer comment nor reveal the final results of their investigation. They still claim to stand by their original release but answer any other questions with "No Comment". You can find an example of the creative way they answer the question here.

    It's also worth remembering what Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged woman in US history, said when asked by Jim Hogue about her insider knowledge of 9/11, "I can tell you that the issue, on one side, boils down to money–a lot of money. And it boils down to people and their connections with this money... Because then it starts touching some people in high places." Of course, Edmonds has revealed much troubling information.