Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What It's Like Sitting Next to Mitt Romney on a 2-Hour Flight

While NYT doesn't have the space to outline the differences between the views Ron Paul and President Obama on how governmnet should be run, they do have time to tell us what it is like to sit next to Mitt Romney:
According to Ms. McClanahan, about an hour into the flight — which Mr. Romney mostly spent reading USA Today and using an iPad while wearing headphones — she told him her idea for improving the American health care system: slashing overhead costs by switching to an electronic billing system.

“He looked at me blankly and said, ‘I understand,’ then put his iPad headphones in and kept reading,” she said.

While Ms. McClanahan said Mr. Romney was probably exhausted, she was disappointed he showed so little interest. Even another passenger’s request for a restaurant recommendation in Boston elicited little from Mr. Romney, she said. “I can’t give you any,” he said, according to Ms. McClanahan. “You’ll have to ask someone else.”...

“I feel he’s out of touch or doesn’t want to be in touch or that he’s afraid to be in touch,” she said. “He’s just like people describe him: just very wooden.”
And NYT sure had no trouble describing what it was like to sit next to Herman Cain:
After taking her out for a night on the town in Washington, she said, he suggested she engage with him sexually in return for his assistance — seizing her inappropriately when they were alone in a car and running his hand up her skirt.

“Mr. Cain said, ‘You want a job, right?’ ” she said.


  1. Mitt Romney = American Psycho

  2. American psycho lol, awesome comment

  3. How could you be ex governor and not be able to name a somewhere to eat in Boston, good or bad?

  4. dont forget about last year when mitt got in a fist fight with a rapper on his airplane

  5. Someone might want to tell the clueless Ms. McClanahan that we already do have an electronic billing system in health care. It's been around for years and most hospitals, physicians and payers are using it. That is NOT where the problem is.

  6. Wooden? Or PLASTIC?

  7. Hey guys, let's keep things in perspective.

    The developers of AI android software, AKA "personality simulators", have come a long way. The MittRomney-bot is a revolutionary step forward in technology.

    It's not perfect. Yes, you can tell the difference between MittRomney-bot and a human being. Still, it's cutting edge technology.

  8. Ms. McClanahan = American Psycho

  9. That he reads USA Today is truly icing on the cake.

    My explanation for his strange behavior:

    For the safety of the flight, his computer brain has to shut off it's satellite link while flying. On land, he would be able to quickly scan through Zagat reviews. In flight mode, he is strangely clueless.

  10. I am amazed she thinks hospitals and doctors are punching out data forms from typewriters. Of course if she had said something intelligent Romney would still have blown her off.