Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Wichita Banker on Herman Cain and Charles Koch

I ran into a Wichita, Kansas banker last night. If he is any measure of the people in Kansas, they sure don't gossip like the Beltway crowd. Sit next to someone in a D.C. bar that's from the Beltway and they are likely to tell you a rumor before the bartender even gets you your drink.

Just a few weeks back, I had a talk with a key investigator for the 9-11 Commission, without knowing much about who I was, he provided me with some, let's call it, "operational information" that was so detailed that I am afraid to write about it here, for fear of getting shot or arrested for just knowing this information.

But this Wichita banker was nothing like that. At one point he was on the Kansas City Fed Board of Directors, which means he knew Herman Cain. I asked him about Cain. The most I could get out of him was this: "He's a nice guy. I'm not sure he is presidential material, though."

Which is a lot compared to what he told me about the Koch brothers (The Koch brothers are from Witchita). When I asked specifically about the brothers, he said, "They have some operation." That was it.

Then I pushed it. "What's the deal with this Charles Koch guy?" I asked. In response, the banker told me about Koch's golf game. "He started playing late in life, but he has really focused, so he's pretty good now."

My date arrived, she works for an interesting agency, she had all kind of rumors to tell me.


  1. You can't say something like that about 9/11 and then not discuss it. Please spill the beans.

  2. Come on, Robert, you can't tease us like that. Now you've GOT to tell us what the key investigator for the 9/11 Commission told you.

  3. Let me guess... it was an inside job?

    But enough about your date. What did the 911 Commission guy tell you?

  4. Go on Bob, just one little itty bitty clue?

  5. I want the 9/11 details, Mr. Wenzel!

    Lots of brave folks have shared lots of specific details and are still with us.

    Trust me, you are already on the DHS 'Needs to be watched' list.

  6. Wow, you guys are something else. There is good reason that he won't tell you, as he explained it pretty clearly, he doesn't want to be dead or in prison. It isn't fun and games, people. There is more than enough stuff that I could tell you guys about my experiences in the military, but if I do I will be dead or in prison.

    Have other people talked about certain details, most certainly. Most of them told you stuff that is public record, it is just that the information hasn't been advertised and publicized. They told you "safe" information. The one's that actually do tell you the nitty gritty details, guess what, they're either dead or in prison.

  7. Um, Robert, don't drop hints that you know something about 9-11. I enjoy your blog too much and it will be sad to not have you around any longer. You probably ought to go on Alex Jones' show and state for the record that you aren't planning on committing suicide. Oh, wait... people who do that have a nasty habit of committing suicide. Just keep those comments to yourself.

  8. Please, please, please spill the beans, Robert.