Monday, December 19, 2011

Bill Still Figures Out 'My Problem': Ludwig von Mises

In an email, Bill Still, a candidate for the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party writes to me:

from: Bill Still
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date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:13 PM
subject: Ludwig

Ahhh, I get it now.

This from your post: "Richard Ebeling: On Mises, Central Planning ....."

"We discussed why Ludwig von Mises was a great economist, central planning ...."
Sounds like Bill Still is not a big fan of Ludwig von Mises. I wonder how that will go over in the Libertarian Party?


  1. It is difficult for me to believe that Bill Still qualifies as a libertarian since he endorses one of the most un-libertarian forms of fiat money creation, one that entails the full force of government to function.

    Additionally, I find most of the "Stillytes", as well as the "Brownites" to be a group lacking integrity, they are not above using every piece of fabricated history, fake quotations, half-truths and ball-faced lies to try to garner support for their "sovereign money". It is amazing how uneducated the lot seems to be.

  2. I have the same problem. Bill Still, in contrast, suffers from Mises Envy, which often results when men are insecure about their intellect. Let's hope he and the LP overcome it.

  3. Still in a recent LP debate said that he could not commit to repealing the Patriot Act, or to commit to not raising taxes.

    That he jumps on the Libertarian bandwagon shows him to be a charlatan and an unscrupulous fraud.

  4. I feel sorry for Mr Still.

    He seems to understand, and to presume that his followers understand, that Federal Reserve Notes and fiat currencies generally have value due solely to a government declaration. He seems to understand that government declarations have value precisely equal to the integrity of the politicians that make those declarations.

    Yet oddly, Mr Still has proposed coinage made of worthless base metals as a replacement for those notes and method of extinguishing debts. The Base Coinage Mr Still has proposed, being composed of base metals so as to be possible to mint in virtually unlimited quantities would derive its value...


    ...solely from a government declaration.

    What a tragic mental short circuit!

    I can't make much of the Mises bash. It seems to be just a defensive spasm to me.

    "Missed it by that ( ) much!"

    Indeed, Agent 86 (Mr Still).

  5. Bill Still....get a haircut and some new clothes dude. No wonder he and Karl are pees in a pod.

    'President Still'. LMAO!

  6. "Sounds like Bill Still is not a big fan of Ludwig von Mises. I wonder how that will go over in the Libertarian Party?"

    Quite well I'm sure. You're talking about a "libertarian" party that had Bob Barr as a candidate and gives prominent roles to Ellen Brown and her "greenbacker" stance.

    They cozy up to Cato/Reason/Koch's and have a staff that spends their time shuffling around D.C. to simply be near the power center.

    He fits in quite nicely with what the LP has become.

  7. I left the party this past year. When they called to ask why I left the party I asked if they have ever heard of Murray "Mr. Libertarian" Rothbard and they said no. I told them that is why I left. It is one thing for them to not have heard about Mises, because Mises was a classical liberal economist, but to not know about the guy who was an influential libertarian thinker who was one of the founders of the Cato Institute and was very active in the early LP... Well, that's just unsatisfactory.

    Whatever the LP is today, it sure isn't libertarian.