Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bob Murphy Punches Paul Krugman

Economist magazine has the police sketch:

Here's Murphy when he trained for the match:


  1. What's the significance of Hayek & Murphy punching from behind? Is Economist implying they're not out in front of the debate?

  2. Very funny! Love it.

  3. It's not too late to go Primal ( While Tom Woods was guest hosting the Peter Schiff Show Oct 16, he interviewed Mark Sisson, author of (among other titles) The Primal Blueprint and his latest, The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. It was a great conversation, and an excellent introduction to the Primal Blueprint, which has yielded such good health results for so many people.

    Maybe Bob and Tom can buddy up.

  4. Doc Murphy, it is time for you to follow Lew's lead and go primal!

  5. @ Chad

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw this earlier. Almost looks like a cheap shot. Oh well, it could also be viewed as Murphy trying to debate Krugman but Krugmans too afraid to battle!

  6. Bob,

    I thought it interesting on reading the Economist link that they mentioned an obsure SC/Citadel economist in trying to expound on alternative mechanisms to promote "growth spending".

    Being an SC resident and business owner myself I was interested in checking him out a bit more and found that he's also the Mayor of James Island...AND ENDORSES RON PAUL!!!

    LMAO! How funny is that? Anyway, here's his economics blog if anyone's interested, and a good write up on the whole Ron Paul "racist" letters while stating his endorsement of RP:

  7. Murphy is such a goofball, but that is one of the reasons that I like him. Did anybody else notice that Carlos sounds almost exactly like Robert Higgs? It probably isn't, but it sounds like him.

  8. I thought it looked more like Murphy was tapping Krugman on the shoulder, as if asking for a fight...a fight that Krugman is obviously too-cool-for-school to be interested in.

    Maybe I'm wrong on this but look at the way Murphy is standing straight up, almost leaning back, even. His legs are together and his other harm is hanging dead at his side. Not to mention it looks like his elbow is up higher than his hand, as if his hand is coming down onto Krugman's back. This is not how anyone I've ever seen throws a punch. But it's exactly how I would tap someone on the shoulder.

    I would say the artist just doesn't know how to depict fighting, but just look over a Hayek. That's what someone punching looks like.

  9. Happy New Year, Bob. Thanks for stopping by.
    Best to Murphy and all EPJ regulars as well.
    Have a wonderful 2012.