Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crony Capitalism Displayed via Venn Diagram

The incestual relationship between the government and Goldman Sachs just doesn't stop.

Rubin, Corzine, Paulson, Emanuel, Hormats, Friedman, Farrell, Murphy, Patterson, Storch, Lasry, Shah, Craig and Gensler to start.

In fact, there are so many more over-lapping relationships. It is just too difficult to keep track of them all. The designer of the Venn diagram below failed to include former-treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who was paid to speak at Goldman Sachs before being named head of President Obama's National Economic Council. Also failing to make the diagram was Gene Sperling, current adviser to Treasury Secretary Geithner, who was before that an adviser to Goldman Sachs. And how can one forget Neal Kashkari, except in a room overflowing with Goldman alum? Kashkari served as head of the Office of Financial Stability, which bought up all that bad debt from Goldman and other crony banks, during the heat of the crisis. Naturally, he worked at Goldman before heading to the OFS.

The only way you can stop this elitist influence over power centers is to end the power centers.


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