Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gorbachev Calls on Putin to Resign

Not a Merry Christmas for Vladimir.

Tens of thousands of Russians took part in demonstrations Saturday to protest against suspected fraud in the Dec. 4 legislative polls. reports AFP. Now word is that Mikhail Gorbachev has called on Putin to resign. And most important, according to professional protest organizers, the protest has a color.

According to AFP, the protesters clutched white balloons and carried banners calling for free elections.

AFP has a video report on the protests here.

Long-time EPJ readers will note that the white balloons suggest a very professional in the background manager of the protests.

Could the CIA be in the background?

Don't forget to read about the man behind the protests.

Here's more.

And don't forget this video about professional protest organizers that are likely employed by the CIA.

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