Monday, December 12, 2011

HOT, HOT Report: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border

Are some American troops massing on the Syrian border? The size does not appear substantial, but something does appear to be taking place. A friend who has some familiarity with these things, emails:
I don't know the validity of this, or if you've heard about this already. But, it is from James Corbett, who I think is pretty accurate in most cases. I don't think that he would go out with this unless there was some validity to it.
Watch for yourself, it appears to be a credible report.


  1. If this report is true, it represents a great problem. Many people do not realize that Syria and Iran have a mutual-defense treaty signed in 2006.

  2. @ Joseph Fetz,

    This is exactly why US troops are there, for provocation or to create a false flag incident.

  3. J.F.
    Now THAT'S scary!
    Those maniacs (US, not Iran) are gonna light off a major S***Storm.
    Life just started sucking a little more. A little Christmas gift to us all from Uncle Sam.

  4. Seeds are being planted for the October 2012 Surprise. Excellent justification to cancel elections, implement martial law, and eliminate political rivals. After all we are in the midst of several wars and FEMA camps have been setup. I hope everyone starts connecting the dots.

  5. Seeing reports that US undersec of defense just resigned:

  6. Hitler ran a false flag on the Polish border to justify invasion to German citizens.

  7. @ Bob English,

    Another sign of a sinking ship?

  8. I see everyone here wore their tinfoil hat today.

  9. @ Anon 7:37 pm,

    It works for Magneto! Now get out of the house and get some lessons from the Silver Surfer.

  10. I don't think this is related, but, living in Israel, I have seen some interesting activity myself over the last few months. I live in a "settlement" (of approx. 40K individuals) south and west of Jerusalem. Several times, always at night and heading west, I have seen military cargo planes flying VERY low, with no running lights.

    Without knowing anything, I suspect that they are coming from Jordan or even Iraq (which would probably make them American).