Monday, December 12, 2011

Occupy Protesters Blocking Gates at West Coast Ports

Hundreds of Wall Street protesters blocked gates at some of the West Coast’s busiest ports on Monday, causing the partial shutdown of several, reports AP.

The closures affected some of the terminals at the ports in Oakland, Calif., Portland, Ore., and Longview, Wash.

In Oakland, shipping companies and the longshoremen’s union agreed to send home about 150 workers, essentially halting operations at two terminals. In Portland, authorities shuttered two terminals after arresting two people who were carrying weapons.

And in Longview, Wash., workers were sent home out of concerns for their “health and safety.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on activities in Oakland:
A group of roughly 100 marchers were met by a line of police officers in riot gear near the intersection of Seventh Street and Middle Harbor Road. Protesters began marching in a circle, preventing trucks from getting through. At least one demonstrator set up a tent in the intersection.

Around 8:45 a.m. two lines of 50 police officers in riot gear marched toward the group and formed a line on one side of the group for 15 minutes. About 25 officers then walked away, seeming to suggest the standoff would continue into the late morning.
One protester using a bull horn hailed the "shutting down of industry". He did not state if the shutting down of industry included manufacturers of bull horns. He decried, the "destruction brought about by industrialization". It wasn't clear if the computer I was using to view the feed from the occupation, or the camera that caught the live feed, were exempt industrialized items. Or if the computers, power generators and internet feeds used to plan today's shutdown activities were also exempt.

One place that is clearly not-occupied during this occupation is the occupation of the part of the mind that results in logically consistent statements.


  1. We are being deliberately moved step by lawless step into a state of chaos, at which point the lawless thug on high will step in to protect us...from ourselves and of course our liberty.

  2. These guys have no clue or respect for private property and no one at large in the lamestream media calls them on it.
    They need to be arrested, if not that they are the catspaw to escalate and provoke things to the point the powers that be shut down everybody under martial law.