Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How the CIA Would Like Us to View North Korea's Kim Jong Un

If you read the New York Post regularly, you begin to realize that they are Johnny on the spot when it comes to unflattering profiles of foreign leaders who are not viewed favorably by the U.S. government.

And if one of the leaders is captured by the U.S., NyPo will be the first to report that the leader had pictures of Hitler on his closet wall or at least porn videos (See: Osama bin Laden).

Here's what went down with Noriega, as reported by Malcom Lagauche in his book, The Mother of All Battles: The Endless U.S.-Iraq War:
After the 1989 invasion of Panama, the U.S. allowed the press to enter Manuel Noriega’s office. He was portrayed as a sexual pervert. In the office were pictures of young boys, a picture of Hitler, red underpants and pornographic magazines.

A few months later, the first Marine to enter Noriega’s office was released from the Corps. He eventually talked to a reporter and gave his story of the encounter. He maintained that the contents of the office included only a desk, a telephone, a chair, and a typewriter.

Bottom line: When the government needs to define someone, the CIA puts a call into NyPo, along with other news organizations, with a whopper of a story. Thus, it is not surprising that today's NyPo has a profile of new North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The profile says that he is a comic book-reading, Chicago Bulls fan, apparently watching Bulls games with a thumb on a nuclear missile launch button. Here's NyPo:
Much about Jong Un remains a state secret, including his age — speculation centers on 27 or 28 — the identity of his mother and his own marital status.

Former US envoy Bill Richardson, who has visited Pyongyang, said the power vacuum created by his father’s death raises “extreme concern because North Korea and the peninsula is a tinderbox.” 
He said the next 24 hours would determine how firmly Kim Jong Un is in control. That’s important because North Korea is believed to have enough plutonium for eight atomic bombs
.According to NyPo, here's how Kim Jong Un got the nod over his two older brothers:
Kim Jong Un is the youngest of three sons of a bizarrely dysfunctional family. His older brother Kim Jong Nam apparently lost his chance to succeed Kim Jong Il after he was caught in 2001 trying to sneak into Japan — using a bogus Dominican Republic passport — to visit the Tokyo version of Disneyland. Another brother, Kim Jong Chol, was said to have been ruled out of the succession race because he is “too effeminate.”

Kim Jong Un is known to speak English, German and French that he picked up in a Swiss boarding school, which he attended under an alias. 
Classmates said he was quiet and seemed to be shy or sullen and uncomfortable with women.
Nice, we now "know" there is a gay brother and a leader uncomfortable with women. The CIA just got the anti-gay conservative right and the women's movement to hate Jong Un, within three paragraphs of copy. Some of this about Jong Un may be true, or all of it, or none of it, just know that the report was very likely put through the CIA filter to put Jong Un in the most unflattering light possible.


  1. Is that Bill Richardson the same that was Governor of New Mexico and ran for President for 2008?

  2. We need to send Kim Jung-Un a copy of 'The Revolution' by Ron Paul and 'Economics in one lesson' by Henry Hazlitt.

    Can Mises Institute arrange (including a Korean translation)?

  3. it is indeed THAT Bill Richardson....

    From The Book Of Knowledge:

    "Richardson also visited Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Peru, India, North Korea, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Sudan to represent U.S. interests and met with Slobodan Milosevic.[9] In 1996, he played a major role in securing the release of American Evan Hunziker from North Korean custody[16]"

  4. Let's not give the Kims too much credit. While I'm sure that the sanctions don't help, they're still psychopathic dictators that treat their people like ants.