Sunday, December 4, 2011

Proof Rand Paul Needs to Get Out More

He's just not as well known as his father.

Frequently when I mention Rand, I get emails like the one below. This one came after I reported on Rand's heroic opposition to Amendment No. 1274 of the The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2012 (S.1867)

From: mike school
Subject: Isn't his name RON Paul?

And you're "the editor"?


  1. /facepalm

    Could someone please invent a way to substitute neurons in the public's water in lieu of Flouride?

  2. Don't feel bad, Mike.

    Two principled libertarians serving in government at the same time? I didn't believe it either.

  3. My absolute favorite thing is when you get scolded for being correct, and your scolder is himself the ignorant one.

    I was recently scolded for putting "(libertarian" after "classical liberal." The person said, "This nut job thinks liberals and libertarians are the same thing!" He had never heard of classical liberalism, but I was the "nut job."

  4. haha Rand Paul is the man! I can see him as a future president!

  5. Impressive.

    Frequenting this site, you see constant news of near impossible stupidity and ignorance within politics and finance. There is so much idiocy reported that I've adapted to the point where very little surprises me or makes me chuckle. But this one actually made me laugh.

    Thank you, Mike School at Without your lack of knowledge, I wouldn't have been able to break up my busy day with some needed humor.

  6. Tom, another good one that I often get scolded for is when I say that central banking is a communist institution, and is one of the ten planks of communism in Marx's manifesto. The person said "Communist? Oh if only! Too bad the evil Federal Reserve is a private capitalist institution!"

  7. I thought Rand and Ron were the same guy. Sheesh, are you ever going to get this right?

  8. Dr. Woods, you mean like this:

  9. That's pitiful but it's not that Rand isn't very well known. It is rather that the reader is very poorly informed.

  10. I thought his name was Paul Rand. And what does a deceased Swiss graphic designer have anything to do with anything anyway? Ohh, I see. The guy that sent you the letter thought his name was Ron Paul when really Paul Rand made the logo for Enron. I guess that's easy to mix up. :)