Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rand Paul Launches Petition to Kill Online Piracy Bills

Senator Rand Paul has launched an online petition urging Congress to kill two online piracy bills.

Congress is pushing two dangerous and unconstitutional bills to regulate the one sector of our economy that’s creating jobs: the Internet, Paul said in a statement.

"The House’s Stop Online Piracy Act and the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act kill jobs, regulate the Internet, and give the Federal government and Hollywood movie studios the right to censor and shut down websites -- including social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube," Paul went on to say.

He added:
The Internet is a shining beacon of what’s possible when we let the free market work. SOPA and PROTECT IP change all that, threatening America’s leadership on the Internet. These bills make social networks and tiny Internet startups responsible for pre-screening every tweet and kid photo for copyright violations. That would effectively kill social media. Even worse, it empowers trial lawyers to do the bidding of Eric Holder's Justice Department and sue to shut down any website.

As conservative fighters for limited government, we stand united against SOPA and PROTECT IP. Congress needs to start over, and protect copyright in ways that don’t kill jobs or shred the Constitution.
"America has had enough of Washington’s Big Government meddling and over-regulation," Paul said.

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  1. Senator Paul surely understands the score. The internet is one of the remaining free media and free market entities on the planet. The speed, the amount of data disseminated, the networking and the broader use of the division of labor and specialization is just staggering.

    If they (the government) ever get a toe in, then comes the foot, the leg and all of the rest. They'll ruin an entirely brilliant thing.

    Note: do not bring up DARPA unless you understand opportunity costs and market adaption/adoption.