Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ron Paul: The NDAA Codifies Obama’s Power Grab

The power grab codified within the NDAA is simply shocking. This is not the America of the founders of this country.


  1. I am probably just paranoid but SOPA is also navigating Congress.

    SOPA critics say this purported piece of intellectual property rights / copyright enforcement legislation contains numerous loopholes that are big enough to drive trucks through. They also say that misuse of these truckholes could endanger online civil liberties.

    Maybe the truckholes and the civil liberties weakening provisions are not poor legislative design but what SOPA is really all about. Maybe the whole IP/ Copyright thing is just another Hollywood facade. After all if the regime intends to eliminate civil liberties it is not going to come out with an act called something like "American Ruling & Statist Elites Liberties Invasion & Control Act" (acronym not yet coined.)

    I'm probably just paranoid. It's not as if the regime went around lying about major issues like weapons of mass destruction, torture, domestic spying, bank bailouts or anything like that.

  2. Off-topic, but the new RP ad for Iowa has Schiff in it. Is this an allusion to RP's V.P. choice? I believe so.