Saturday, December 17, 2011

Things You Probably Don't Know about the Revolution Business

A friend emails:


Thanks for taking the time to review the REVOLUTION BUSINESS link and posting about it on EPJ.

Less controversial, here are some more links I bookmarked when doing my own review of  the REVOLUTION BUSINESS video a month or so ago. These may be of interest...

(Land Destroyer blog has a "Guide to OWS" which sees OWS as essentially a front movement.
The LD "Guide to OWS" [you have to run down the page a bit!!]  actually includes some pretty detailed  'power elite' analysis of various Think Tanks and 'influencer' outfits like Brookings and CFR.

LD doesn't raise the possibility of blowback - i.e. tactics fostered for use against foreign enemies rebounding against their original sponsors. We've seen that before!!   History suggests the sponsoring revolutionary activities abroad can blowback. For example, it is well known that Lenin was shipped to Russia on a "sealed train" [organised by Arthur Zimmermann (yes, "the Zimmermann telegram" guy!)] towards the end of WW1. The Germans wanted to use the communists to help destabilise Czarist Russia. The regime Lenin founded would of course eventually become the preferred enemy of the German militarists. They would indeed be fighting agents of the same regime on the streets of Germany itself in about a dozen years.

All this is interesting stuff - but once you start digging into this whole covert / intelligence / conspiracy world it becomes something of a sand pit. Still, I think there is some merit in the comments of John Laughland from (UK) "The Spectator" some years ago (see ) . JL noted that despite fundamental hostility to "conspiracy theories" from 'establishment' opinion makers, the same "anti-conspiracists" somehow failed to note that US and UK foreign policy for some years was plainly based on 'officially' promoted conspiracy theories about Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein - whilst massive covert efforts by western powers to shape domestic politics in the Eastern Europe and the Arab world is barely touched by 'respectable' media outfits.

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