Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TMOT: The Minister of Truth on CNN and Ron Paul


  1. Hey! This guy is talking to a camera while driving a car. There's got to be a Federal law against this unsafe behavior and twice the jail time if the subject is Ron Paul.

  2. Maybe TMOT is a member of the "Cash Cab" lobbyist group...

  3. I think he should tell us how he really feels. He is too subtle. ;)

  4. Obviously, Melvin, you didn't finish the video. He tells you it is a green screen behind him and he is not driving. Just an illusion ;) /end sarc

    I like that guy's view! He sees it like it is, and I hope everyone sees it through those eyes.

  5. Melvin, didn't you hear him at the end? All of this was done in front of a green screen. ;)

  6. LOL! I like this man!
    Ron Paul should have him do a commercial or two.
    He calls it like it is.
    Thanks for posting.

  7. Wow! Those blue screen apps for your phone camera are so realistic.

  8. The more they attack Paul, the more credible he becomes.
    I think I will vote for him, after all.
    Why not?
    There is nothing to lose, and something to gain.
    At least, it will be a thumb in the eye of the establishment.

  9. The real subliminal question is "why don't you admit that you really are a racist"? (You know, just like this guy really is driving, I don't care what he says!)

    Of course, Gloria is not going to come out and keep asking it, but that's what she's getting at.

    The trouble is we already got the message (HT Steve Sailer) the Mainly Smearjob Media not withstanding:

    You know you are winning an argument with a liberal if they call you a racist/sexist/homphobe/anti-semite/neo-nazi.