Monday, December 5, 2011

Trump Continues to Heap Abuse on Ron Paul

Donald Trump appeared on FOX News this morning. He continued to heap abuse on Ron Paul, after Dr. Paul declined to take part in the Gong Show debate that Chuck Barris Trump will be moderating.

At one point, Trump, owner of the Miss USA beauty pageant, called Congressman Paul "cutesy" with some "nice little slogans."

Not content with just attacking Dr. Paul, Trump called George Will a "third-rate" writer.

Update: It should be further noted that, as per usual, Trump failed to respond to a key issue raised by the Paul camp. The statement from the Paul campaign in declining the invitation to the circus debate, stated in part:
Mr. Trump’s selection is also wildly inappropriate because of his record of toying with the serious decision of whether to compete for our nation’s highest office, a decision he appeared to make frivolously. The short-lived elevation of Mr. Trump’s stature as a candidate put him on the radar of many organizations and we recall that last spring he was invited to keynote the Republican Party of Iowa’s annual Reagan Dinner, yet at the last minute he left RPI holding the bag by canceling. In turn, RPI canceled its biggest fundraising gala of the year and suffered embarrassment and in addition RPI was required to engage in refunding measures. Our candidate will not even consider participating in the late-December debate until Mr. Trump publicly apologizes to Iowa party leaders and rectifies in full the situation


  1. Once again Dr. Paul is all class, and Trump is a chump.

    (Sorry to go all Dr. Seuss on EPJ)

  2. The Paul campaign's description of Trump's presence being "circus-like" is far more accurate than any of us could have predicted.

  3. When you've got a guy like Trump who has somehow turned his real estate business into a form of "shock jock" reality show host, nothing good could come of associating with him. I personally won't be watching that debate, and I would imagine quite a few people skip it. Isn't it on "Ion TV" or something? I heard that that channel "reaches" 90 million homes, but I don't think I've ever watched the channel before...

  4. Donald Trump always accuses anyone who says something negative about him, of exactly what he himself is. But in reality, they are BOTH joke candidates.

  5. Trump seems to be someone who cannot take rejection with integrity and class.

  6. Trump is a CHUMP but....
    Ron Paul’s problems can be summed up in two words AYN RAND

    please search You tube for "Ayn Rand & GOP vs. Jesus" and you will hear Ayn Rand in her own words saying that she is "AGAINST GOD" and many other bizarre Anti-Christian things.

    Ayn Rand is Ron Paul’s problem! He is a RANDIAN. Ron Paul quotes her frequently, he admires her and evens seems to WORSHIP her writings as if they are sacred writings. Well they are kinda sacred. Anton Levay used Ayn Rand’s writings to develop the SATANIC BIBLE.

    Ayn Rand… oops I mean Ron Paul will never be President

    Also, Ron Paul is not the GOP. He is not even a Republican. He is a LIB ER TAR IAN. And as long as Ayn Rand is running for President (from Hell through Ron Paul) I will not vote even if it means 10 more years of Obama and then 10 of Hillary.

    I cannot and will not vote for Ayn Rand… oops again I mean Ron Paul because I don’t want to go to Hell. Sorry but I will not burn forever just so that you can have lower taxes or militarized borders or whatever the hell Ayn Rand wants.

    anway please watch the video Ayn Rand & GOP vs. Jesus at You Tube and you will see exactly what Ayn Rand says...

  7. Trump = true conservative. The policys he has proposed are in perfect harmony with those of goldwater, taft, and mark levin.

  8. Trump is also going to endorse a candidate after the debate.

    What a joke!

    Dr. Paul's decline was a stroke of genius.

  9. Lotsa trolls today; slow holiday season I guess.

  10. ANON 11:24

    Ron Paul = Ayn Rand?? Now that's just silly.
    Dr. Paul is a devout Baptist.
    He NEVER quotes Ayn Rand.
    He's a libertarian, so what? Ronald freakin' Reagan claimed to be a libertarian.

    And I bet you think that he named his son Rand after Ayn Rand. BZZZTT!!! WRONG!!!!
    Rand's name is "RANDAL"

    From Wikipedia:
    Despite his father's libertarian views and strong support for individual rights,[9][10] the novelist Ayn Rand was not the inspiration for Paul's first name; he went by "Randy" while growing up.[11] His wife shortened his name to "Rand".[9][12][13]

  11. Hmmm, it seems the trolls are out in force today...

  12. Anonymous 11:24,

    Um, no. You're trying to conflate objectivism with libertarianism. Strangely, nobody does this but those who are both unfamiliar with and/or not proponents of, such philosophies. Sure, it is true that some objectivists have accepted as true certain libertarian principles, and vice versa. However, this does not negate the fact that objectivism and libertarianism are entirely different philosophies altogether.

    Further, it should be abundantly clear that while Ron Paul has mentioned Ayn Rand in conversation, his entire political-economic philosophy is far more aligned with Austro-libertarianism (something entirely separate and distinct from objectivism).

    Objectivism is a moral/political philosophy that happens to come to many of the same conclusions as another moral/political philosophy called classical liberalism (libertarianism). While it is true that some of the conclusions are similar and/or identical, the methodology used to come to these conclusion is entirely different, thus they are different philosophies altogether.

    However, Ron Paul further distinguishes himself as a proponent of the 'Austrian School' of economics. Objectivism is a moral/political philosophy while 'Austrian econ' is an economic science. Obviously, we cannot then conflate these two ideas into one "ideology", because not only are their methodologies different, but their entire scope of study is different.

    In most of his books and speeches Ron Paul cites Mises and Rothbard (as well as others in the classical liberal tradition) as being instrumental in his view of the political-economic reality of our surroundings. To be honest, I can't think of but a few occasions where Ron Paul has cited Ayn Rand. To be sure, I certainly would not define Ron Paul as an Objectivist.

  13. Anon 11:24

    Ron Paul is not a Randian. Try again.

  14. This refusal to attend will get Ron Paul more and better media coverage than attending. Another brilliant move that I would have been too dumb to think of.

  15. WRONG!!
    Ron Paul frequently quotes Ayn Rand.

    Ron Paul is a RANDIAN and he will never be nominated by Christians because he is a Libertarian that wants to legalize HEROIN.

  16. I look at this as a wonderful endorsement of Paul by demonstrating he's not afraid to take on the oligarch and even more importantly that he's not liked by them. Its kind of funny how often we hear left wingers trying to argue that Paul's libertarian views play into the hands of big business by slashing taxes and cutting regulation and yet we see here that according to Trump that is the last thing they want.

    Could you imagine Trump having to compete on his own business acumen and not being able to use government to limit his competition or protect his projects? How much would have Trumps occupancy rates in NYC dropped if the government hadn't bailed out his buddies? Would Trump even be a millionaire today if Volker and then Greenspan hadn't pursued lose monetary polices that provided Trump with cheap money and a NYC client base that was also profiting incredibly from those polices which led to the financialization of the US economy?

  17. Ron Paul is a Randian?

    Oh Lord, what hath public schools wrought?

  18. Anonymous 1:42,

    I can only imagine that your last comment was primarily focused upon what I said (maybe not). If this is true, then would you be so kind as to provide for me some examples of direct Ayn Rand quotes/citations as repeated by Ron Paul? This would be quite helpful, as the burden of proof lies upon your shoulders (not mine).

    It seems to me that most of his citations and quotations come from the classical liberal tradition (i.e. Jefferson, Washington, Locke, Menger, Jevons, Say, Bastiat, Spooner, Böhm-Bawerk, Taft, Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Cantillon, Aquinas, etc).

    Call me a nitpicker, call me what you will; but, I don't believe that any of these aforementioned thinkers are Objectivists. In fact, I would probably put Ron Paul's use of objectivist philosophy at just under a fraction of a percent of his total output, especially regarding his public and published field of work over, say, the last 3 decades!!! Just sayin'.

  19. Just to add an addendum to my prior comment, I would actually be very interested to know what David Gordon might opine in response to this particular discussion. He, being a highly adept polymathic philosopher, knows a great deal about both objectivism and libertarianism, as well as economics and philosophy in general.

    If anybody knows of any David Gordon articles that elaborate upon the points discussed here, please don't be shy in providing the details or a link.

  20. I'll take the publicity. Trump's an asshat. Maybe it'll make a few people look up Ron Paul.

  21. Donald "The RINO" Trump gave money to both Republican and Democrat campaigns the only difference was $10,000...

  22. Ron Paul wants to legalize heroin, really? Hmmmm, maybe time to think about him as a serious candidate. If I can't have any real effect on the forces that impact my daily life, like the nutjobs who think the tea party is independent of manipulation by the mainstream end of the Republican Party, I can shoot up and numb myself.

  23. Anonymous, Ayn Rand hated libertarians.

  24. Huh, Trump made the case for RP running 3rd party if he doesn't get the GOP nomination. Good for him.

    "Some very major Republicans asked me to do it". I'm quite sure he's not lying there, damage control of course. I'm really wondering now if the whole Rove thing is a smokescreen.

    "I'm not a reality star."-lol...normally I don't give the American public much credit in being able to tell fact from fiction...but something tells me everyone picked up on that lie.

  25. People with dull wits frequently make the mistaken assumption that libertarians are Objectivists. Ayn Rand has nothing to do with party Libertarians, let alone libertarian-leaning paleoconservatives like Ron Paul.