Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Americans, We Are Surrounded

Occasionally in the past, I have received emails from readers asking me if it was time to leave America because of some new infringement on our rights.

 In the past, I always responded to these emails by saying that it really depended on who the reader was. Anyone, I usually replied, who was in the securities-brokerage industry or the medical profession should start looking, because of how regulated those industries are. If on the other hand, a surfer dude just living for the next wave, would have little reason to be concerned.

Things have changed so dramatically in the last 6 to 12 months that I now believe you are being irresponsible ,no matter who you are, if you do not have a bagged packed and are ready to move at a moments notice.

It is not as though there is some new country, or land where the breeze blows lightly 365 days a year, and where there is no government intrusion into your life, but things could get so bad in the United States that many places may start to look like happy alternatives.

The United States is a very rich country with only minor government harassment at this time. For the most part, we all have smart phones, internet connections, wear fashionable clothes and eat decent food. I now believe this situation could change at anytime. Please note: I am not saying it will change but that it could, very quickly.

Folks, we are surrounded. It's no longer the TSA harassing us at airports. It is the TSA showing up announced at a social security office. It is the TSA and unknown black clad government agents showing up at subway and train stations.

Approximately a year ago, while flying out of a west coast airport a man stepped next to me and flashed a badge. He asked if he could talk to me. Totally off guard, I said "Yes." As he directed me to the side, I noticed another agent at about a 90 degree angle to me. The first agent said they were doing random stops. He asked me where I was flying to and where I stayed in during my trip.  He asked what I was doing in the city.He asked some very strange questions. He asked me who had paid for my hotel room. I  did and told him so. He asked to see my airline ticket. Then he asked to see my ID. The partner called in my ID. He asked to look in my briefcase. We were obviously way over the line in my mind of "reasonable search." I had a pair of jeans on a button down shirt and a blue blazer. But, I wondered what would have happened if I had said no to the briefcase search. Would they have held me on other grounds, since the Constitution didn't seem like it meant anything to these two. I had nothing to hide, so I let them look. I had a flight to catch.

Then at that point it got even weirder, they didn't say "thank you" or "you can go now", after looking through my briefcase. They just stood there. I took this as a technique to see if people volunteer anything. I took the opportunity to take my driver's license back and "thank" them and proceed to leave, but as I left I pulled a Colombo on them and asked them a question. I asked them, if this was something they were doing a lot. They told me they were a unit that traveled to airports, bus stations, train stations, and get this, hotel lobbies.

It was a very odd experience that I still remember as clear as day, but in the end I chalked it up to minor harassment. It still did not increase my alarm level about the United States.

But, now, in addition to these minor harassments, we have the NDAA, which allows the military on the President's order to grab any American off the street, who is deemed to be "aiding terrorists" and hold that American until the end of the "War on Terror", without trial or jury.

And now, the DHS wants funding for more Visible Intermodal Prevention & Respons (VIPR) teams. What will these teams do? According to LaTi:
As many as 25 VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response) teams began patrolling train stations nationwide last summer conducting an estimated 9,300 “suspicionless” spot searches of travelers. 
The agency has said the presence of officers with explosive detection dogs, radiation monitors and other devices will act as a deterrent in the nation’s busiest travel hubs...A video shot in a train station in Savanahh, Georgia, in February apparently showed TSA agents screening passengers as they stepped off a train — as opposed to the more common pre-boarding screening procedures..The TSA is planning to add an additional 12 VIPR teams across the country in 2012.
As I said, we are surrounded, and still that doesn't mean much in and of itself, other than the minor harassment, but here's how things could get bad very fast.

Serious price inflation could be only months away. It is very possible that this could result in the President putting price controls in effect at some point. Every person , who knows the first thing about price controls, knows they don't work and only result in shortages, still presidents reach for them.

President Richard Nixon put on price controls-light when he was in power. He didn't have DHS teams available to enforce the laws, there were no VIPR teams. There was a quite toothless Price Administration Office. But still, the nation ended up with long lines for gasoline and gasoline purchases were only allowed every other day.

I fear price controls in a period when we are surrounded with all sorts of enforcement personnel tired of playing enforcement and looking for real enforcement. Unlike, during Nixon's price controls when there were no enforcement patrols, the enforcement teams are already in place.

What could this mean? If the price inflation is high enough and the price controls tight enough, shortages could quickly develop across the country, but unlike the controls during the Nixon era, you have a built in DHS bureaucracy that will want to see the controls maintained, so they can show how necessary they are, just like we have now with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

And don't think so called DC-based free market economists will save us. When Nixon put controls on, Herbert Stein, the father of neocon Ben Stein, was head of the Council of Economic Advisors. He knew that price controls would only mess up the economy, but he tells us he was caught up in the "excitement" of the moment:
I had spent much of my career arguing against wage and price controls, even in World War II. And here I was, economic adviser to the President ...I was an active participant in the most exciting event in the record of economic policy...
Ben Bernanke has already printed a significant amount of money, but in addition, the likelihood is that at some point he will have to print huge amounts more to buy Treasury securities. There are indications that China may have already started bailing out of its U.S Treasury position. Thus, the price inflation could get very bad and the temptation to quiet the masses and put on price controls will be strong. If that happens, with the enforcers floating around, say goodbye to the good life.

It will be a gray and dangerous life.

Shortages will mean that black markets will develop to deliver goods to those who desire such, but it will be a very dangerous underground market, where white middle class males will find themselves in prison with teenage black underground drug dealers. You see the price controls will make it hard to get a job that pays a decent wage and some will take the risk of delivering black market milk, only to get caught by a VIPR team turned into a price control enforcement team. Soon so many will get arrested that most will just keep their head down so that they are not mistaken for an underground cigarette, milk or bread dealer.

I know what that looks like. It is a dull, drab emotionally dead life. It is the soul in jail. I visited East Berlin a year before the wall came down. That's what East Berlin looked like. That's what America will look like if the enforcers circling us actually get real work to do.

You will not want to live in America, if the enforcers get that kind of work.

What are the odds? Who really knows? Perhaps, it will take a perfect storm of events, but the key is the enforcers are surrounding us now. If they are put into action, it won't be pretty.

Be smart, have a bag packed. There will be no great place to go, but America could become a hell. Don't think you will be safe simply by being away from a major city. Many, many during the days of Mao and Stalin died in the country side.

Even if the price controls don't come, there are other scenarios that could develop that will make the U.S. a terrible place to live.

Unrest in the U.S. could lead to the shutting down of the internet, so that the protesters/'terrorists" can't communicate. Smart cell phones might be banned, only clunky cell phones without texting capability might be allowed.

Doug Casey theorizes that the U.S. is interfering in so many countries that sooner or later another terrorist attack will occur in the United States.

If that does happen, then expect the enforcers to go crazy. Cell phone bans will be the least of it. I can envision America's own version of Iraq's Green Zone. The area from, say Congress to the White House to Dupont Circle, will be super protected for the elitists. Every one else will be on their own, though without cell phones and the internet..

Nice restaurants, fun food? Huh, hope you get food at all. Fashionable clothes? Think the Soviet Union at the height of the communist control.

Anyone bitching about the DHS the way it is now has no clue. The key is that the DHS and sister enforcement organizations have us surrounded, price controls, a tiny terrorist bomb, could mean that they get down to the very serious, very ugly work.

I  often wondered why more Jews didn't leave Germany and Austria before it was to late. The movie, The Pianist, was an eye opener. It shows how many Jews didn't understand what was happening and they were always one step to late.

Casey says:
Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that it's better to be a year too early than a minute too late. David Galland recently read They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45
, by Milton Mayer. He quoted a passage in his column of last Friday. It goes a long way in explaining why Americans appear to be such whipped dogs today. They're no different from the Germans of recent memory. For those who missed it, let me quote it:
"You see," my colleague went on, "one doesn't see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don't want to act, or even talk, alone; you don't want to 'go out of your way to make trouble.' … In the university community, in your own community, you speak privately to your colleagues, some of whom certainly feel as you do; but what do they say? They say, 'It's not so bad' or 'You're seeing things' or 'You're an alarmist.'

"These are the beginnings, yes; but how do you know for sure when you don't know the end, and how do you know, or even surmise, the end? On the one hand, your enemies, the law, the regime, the Party, intimidate you. On the other, your colleagues pooh-pooh you as pessimistic or even neurotic… the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That's the difficulty. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked… But of course this isn't the way it happens. In between come all the hundreds of little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next. Step C is not so much worse than Step B, and, if you did not make a stand at Step B, why should you at Step C?"
The only difference is that they won't only becoming after Jews this time.

I hope none of these scenarios play out in any way, but the danger is too close for comfort. The men carrying the guns are out there, they just aren't using them right now. If things go terribly bad, and a reasonable person has to say they could, the guns could very well be turned on us.  Start thinking, start planning, start packing, be ready.


  1. Heads up, Bob: Herbert Stein was the father of Ben Stein.

  2. Great post, but I hope you are wrong... my friend (Obama supporter) said "I am disappointed that Obama signed NDAA, but I dont think he will use it. You can't refute all the great things the President has done." I countered that it was the fact NDAA is now legal, and that Obama has failed us in starting wars, expanding welfare, increasing the deficit.... The usual arguments a sane person might acknowledge!

  3. NDAA protest at Grand Central Terminal, the Obama Nazis take away a protester.


  4. We can't leave the sick and elderly we take care of, so we'll just have to hunker down.

  5. Dear Americans
    You are not surrounded for the enemy is inside yourselves! As someone who lives abroad and watches (with frequent travels) in the US, I have always seen the enemy to be inside yourselves - a kind of sickness that gets projected onto the world. Its to be seen in your drugs, guns and fundamentalist values and addictions along with the false perception that you are a strong people. You are, just as we are, merely people! All of this hides the great fear that resides in the American psyche.

    The American nation is not one for deep self-reflection - its more a kind of get out there and do it attitude but until your nation can really face this fear it will be more of the same.

    The VIPR/TSA merely reflect the very fear that eats you from inside.

  6. The empire will swallow all you up. Incremental sanctions upon you will increase and the Army will now be poised to run your country. Military dictatorship. If you can read the wind, try to do so. Do not linger and make plans, now. My advice is to buy outright a piece of Canadian property, small town, or just outside one. Your Shangrila, your sanity island.
    A small price to pay if you have some liquidity. Your escape will be near, and more peaceful. Good luck to you all.

  7. The first thing someone should do, if they can, is get another passport. It might just be handy one day. I'm British and and travel on my home passport, but my Irish one will be with me too when I travel.

    I suspect most will think "it can't happen here", despite the evidence of their own eyes. Germans may have thought so too. In the 1932 they were as industrially advanced and as culturally sophisticated as any people on the planet.

  8. Evidently I stumbled upon on Rumormill News...ahhhh...just kidding... Still love ya!

  9. I was reminded of The Wild Hog Story while reading this.

    Today, you can step over the fence.

    If you don't know the story, I highly recommend you check it out, it parallels this blog entry:


  10. Bob, maybe you should publish from Uruguay? Safe, European, stable, great agricultural base.

  11. There's no question that government power has been ramping up at an extremely rapid pace.

    As a former trader, it makes me wonder if we're in a government power "bubble" approaching a "blow-off top" (i.e., a steep parabolic rise, followed by an equally precipitous fall).

    There is truth to the saying that "Pride cometh before a fall"...and there's no doubt that we're there. Pelosi's 'pass it before you can read it' was definitely a ringing bell.

    When the British Empire was at its peak, it was written in the Annual Register, “In no one year since she was a nation has she been favored with so many successes, both by sea and by land, and in every quarter of the globe.”

    That was the top!

    An intellectual revolution was going on behind the scenes in America.

    Today, the American Empire has the globe covered and I have no doubt another intellectual r3VOLution is underway. So there is a case for long-term optimism.

    But until that top is reached, it is a quite daunting experience...and taking every precaution (including packing your bags) is the wise thing to do.

  12. The problem is that this Fascism is going global so you will not be able to escape the terrorist elite. The disobedient will be exterminated everywhere on earth. Don't think you will be safe on a house boat either...They will just use you for target practice.

    1. This ain't fascism. It's communism. Everyone is fair game to the brutal potential oppressors.

    2. "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself"....and we need to recall it is God, His Law - both Natural & Moral, that are the plumbline by which all things are measured - and by living in conformity to we can live free from fear !

      To do so is to 'activate our Liberty' and overcome all fears.

      We find ourselves in this place because we've believed in autonomy - that men can find their own meaning, absent the ultimate Standard.

      God himself is the perfect balance of Justice & Mercy - but He only reveals this to the humble. I'm praying for me & my family to be so, and for yours as well.

      We're active & encouraged to see Dr. Ron Paul, a genuine Statesman in the mold of the Founding Fathers, lifting his this banner - that God alone is the source & author of our liberties.

      As the Declaration says, our rights are based upon, '....the Law's of Nature & of Nature's God....' or Natural Law & Revealed Law (Scripture).

      One must ponder & look beyond the media distortion & read his longer speeches, articles & books to grasp this profundity: 'He trumpets himself the least, who has the most to say'.

      But we're surrounded by Evanglical Neo-Cons that must be reached, and so I offer this resource to help make that case:


      I think if we tap into the source of Dr. Paul's unshakable courage, we'll realize the divine authority that helped the Colonists to drive the oppressors from these shores in 1776 stands ready to do the same today, for us - if we posses their faith & courage !

      Go Ron Paul 2012 - Christ is King - The answer to 1984 is 1776

  13. Chris, just look at recent sovereign debt yields coupled with CPI and money supply numbers if there is any question at all that we are living through a gigantic government bubble funded through the inflation tax.

  14. This has worried me for a while. I'm disabled and making a go at a living from the internet so I would be screwed if it got shut down. No way can I get out of Dodge either. And family and friends are too clueless to even entertain the idea.

  15. When they disarm the population that is when you know it is time to go (if that is the path you choose). However, by then it may be too late.

  16. Interesting read and yes The US has become a paranoid place. And yes Americans need to get over themselves and State sponsored fear of the "other."

    As an aside when Germany fell to fear and fascism, they went after many "others." gypsies, Poles, Jews, the disabled....denounced neighbors.

    This is what can and is happening already in the home of the fearful. Where we have media propaganda against Mooslims, and the largest prison population in the world.

    1. "Flagging people on Craig's list is teaching this attitude!!!

  17. America is an armed nation. It will be more difficult to subdue than unarmed Germany. If the gov't gets the guns, then we're in big trouble.

  18. I like to think I'll know if and when it's time to go. I'm on alert, I'll tell you that.

  19. America has the highest prison population in the world because government-run schools and TV broadcasts have turned the typical American into a violent psychopath. Fascism is going global since the US government is a hugely powerful terrorist organization with nearly unlimited power to murder and enslave.

  20. i think it's when they start coming into private residences that you want to put your house on the market (what market?) and take a family vacation to look for a place abroad and the second time never come back.

  21. The thing Doug Casey doesn't understand is that ultimately it will not matter where you live in the world or how many $$ you have, because
    1. God means one thing and one thing only through the storm that is coming: that people turn to Jesus Christ as their sin bearer and for salvation, not to gold or any idol.
    2. and secondly that what God means by doing this is the cutting off of sin and sinners in the world and the bringing in of his Kingdom, literally.

    1. Doug Casey and his little band of affluent senior-citizen followers, way out there in a remote corner of Argentina, will be sitting ducks in the event of serious civil unrest among the surrounding peasants. His little upscale Shangri-la will only be a high-flying flag saying, "Come plunder us helpless old Gringos!"

  22. There is no doubt we are surrounded. Great way to frame the current situation.

  23. Better elect Dr.Paul to restore our liberties now and dismantle all of these government departments of thugs.

  24. Peter Said: "I have always seen the enemy to be inside yourselves - a kind of sickness that gets projected onto the world. Its to be seen in your drugs, guns and fundamentalist values and addictions . . "

    That's genuinely funny. The ruling values in America since the 1940's have been Progressive-ism, in the school, the press, polite society, government. The reason Europe and Japan are the way they are now is because the US went in after WWII and shaped them the way we wanted.

    US Government institutions by then were more progressive than the average US citizen or the older institutions. We built a Europe a step ahead on from our reigning ideology.

    There is nothing in Europe such as it is now that grew out of their centuries old traditions and thought. The US State Dept, backed implicitly by the US military painted on a blank canvas.

  25. I actually have a solution for your "problems":

    1. Turn off mommy's computer.
    2. Remove your tinfoil hat a place it in the rubbish bin.
    3. Meet some people, some normal people, in non-virtual space.
    4. Forget the url "freerepulic.com"

    That will do it, I promise.

  26. Only cowards run.We have the 2nd amendment for a reason

    1. The Consitution and Bill of Rights mean nothing now. You are fricking retarded is you don't plan and move.

  27. You are owned no matter where you go on earth. Humans are not conscious enough to totally reject centralized authority/state terror. Individual liberty on Earth is still hundreds of years away.

  28. I laugh when I read that "America is an armed nation." Do you really think you are armed with a hunting rifle, when the government has 50 caliber machine guns, cannons, tanks and bombs. If you think you are armed, watched the siege of Waco documentary. And if you think soldiers won't be used against you, remember that even George Washington used the military against the whiskey tax rebels.

  29. @johng. Uruguay is not in Europe buddy, look to south america. Guess its true about americans and geography, heh heh.

  30. This is the reason why the 2nd amendment exists & why them traitors in DC try so hard to do away with it.

    Might be why in the past several years gun purchases , gun ownership , permits , range memberships have gone thru the roof & 2012 is shaping up to be the record year

    This ain't Nazi Germany - local communities would provide just fine for their citizens & would become enclaves & secure ones at that - big cities will be another story

    Course if Ron Paul gets elected then all them anti-american agencies are dissolved & freedoms return, one should do all they can to get Ron Paul elected

  31. So sad. Whatever happened to america? WHat happened to your constitution? Everybody totally brainwashed by the politics of fear. When are they gonna wake up? Obama seems lke a child, not knowing the history, damned to repeat it, taking instructions from the greedy power hungry people in the gov and military. It won't end well if he stays in power. The only guy willing to reverse the course is Ron Paul, but the media is totally blacking him out. It is almost a reverse of what happened in Germany, the Jews (who own the media and control the money) will be the guards and everybody else will be in jail. Almost ironic.

  32. Currently, Americans can freely enter Canada by automobile without checking with any US authorities. This may soon end as Canada's current prime minister (Harper) thinks of himself as another version of G.W. Bush. If the US enters a crunch period, Harper will comply with US Government wishes instantly.

  33. A Way To Be Free - by Robert LeFevre

  34. So, anyone want to join me on the Isle of Man?

    1. I'd like to hear more.
      Yes, please

    2. Yes, I'd like to hear more

    3. i would like to know if this gets to steve if i ask questions

  35. Your 2nd amendment will not save you.
    Do you realize just how powerful the terrorists in DC really are?
    They will incinerate millions of people in order to keep ownership over all of us.
    The Democracy mob parasites have won. Democracy always ends this way.

  36. Guess that is what the FEMA Camps are for. It sure seems that things are heading that way. Along a different line, I went to play Texas Hold Em tonight at the RV Park, I live in my motorhome. The lady that runs the game couldn't make it because she was ill so the game was canceled. So I waited for players to show up that didn't know about the cancellation. When they did come, I said we can still play without Linda. Everyone didn't think we could play without Linda. It was sad to see these people so dependent on a person that let them play poker.

  37. You are wrong.

    We have them surrounded. It is they who fear us. That is why they make all the authoritarian sounds, the pervasive demands and the expensive shows of force.

    They have power only so long as a massive majority acknowledge that they do. In fact they are small, frightened men and women, cowering behind a relatively few hired thugs.

    Their activities are suitable for intimidation only. They haven't sufficient means to impose their will on the unwilling. The military has been stretched to breaking in the attempt to control less than 60 Million in Afghanistan and Iraq, a much smaller area than the US.

    Those who would attempt to use brutal force to govern a country of 300 Million are fiscally and morally bankrupt.

    These Pretenders believe their hired thugs grant them power. In fact their employment grants their thugs power over them... a fact that every praetorian guard eventually realizes.

    Contrary to the pretenders' views, their power over society springs from their perceived legitimacy. Their legitimacy springs from a compact, implicit or explicit. When they PRETEND to accept the compact while ACTIVELY REFUTING it, they make themselves illegitimate just as any of us would be illegitimate to accept an offer of employment while rejecting its contractual obligations.

    Self-rule is a natural, inalienable, right. One can ignore their rights, but that is a decision congruent with - and reinforcing - the rights they ignore, a conscious attempt at self-contradiction.

    If Pretenders perform illegal actions DOCUMENT AND DISTRIBUTE THE PROOF.

    They cannot stop us from peaceful assembly and speech. They can only take illegal actions and impose illegal sanctions to suppress us once we do.

    LET THEM. No, more strongly, ENCOURAGE THEM.

    The confrontation serves to highlight who is legitimate and who illegitimate.

    The more forceful the Criminal Pretenders' illegal actions the more they set conditions to LAWFULLY REPLACE THEM.

    We have nothing to fear but ambivalence. And the criminal activities of the pretenders serve well to highlight the nature of their swindle.

    They want us to believe they can govern autonomously.

    They can't.

    They can govern only with our tacit or implicit consent.

  38. It IS too late... hate to say but all those electronic devices (smart phones, etc) are already being monitored and recorded.

  39. Doug Casey: "..sooner or later another terrorist attack will occur in the United States".

    "Another" terrorist attack? Which terrorists would those be? Mossad? CIA?

    There are over 300 million Americans. More of us than them. It should be no problem to pinpoint those citizens attempting to intimidate, control or harm the rest of us. We need to exert power over THEM and expose what they are doing. Hold them accountable personally. That would be your neighbor who works for TSA. Your cousin who works at the FEMA centers. Your friend who works at Monsanto, etc.

  40. Why do you and Casey jump to leaving the country? Where are you going to go? How can the average family leave in this economy, our only choice is to stand up to this...physically stand up to it. Why is the only option to leave? Ever thought of fighting? I mean really fighting back! What a coward, if you need to leave do not come back! Instead of choosing the movie, "The Painist", why not choose the movie "Defiance". E. Burke said that evil will prevail when good men fail to stand up (para). Stand the f-up man, grid your loins with courage, get a weapon, get some training, and get ready for war. People like you are the same that fleed the country in the 1770's. Good ridance!BTW, this man carries a gun every day and is prepared to use it, this man"s wife carries a gun every day and knows and is prepared to use it, this man's daughter owns a gun knows how to and is prepared to use it.

    Either live and die free or submit and become a slave. Patrick henry's speech is more relavent today than in 1775!

  41. It is not hopeless. You just are not angry enough to grow a backbone.

    Let the Mothers of Argentina show you how it is
    done. Do your homework and read about

    Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

    and how they spoke truth to power for thirty years.

    Nunca Mas

  42. Guns will do Americans no good. Were talking about well trained military (groups) with the appropriate gear and weaponry to deal with lightly armed Americans. Comparable to bringing a knife to a gun fight. Anyone who resists will die. Anyone who doesn't will either be imprisoned in some FEMA camp and/or die. The bailouts have been milking the economy along for one purpose. So they can be ready for a martial law deceleration.

    One problem with moving. It's a global thing. There is no safe haven. Not a lasting one anyway. I've also read how it ends. It does end well, but only for those who embrace Christ.

    1. Guns can help you in cases of civil unrest when police forces are overwhelmed. They can't help you against government armed forces.

    2. Please share with us a better alternative to being totally dominated by a rotten to the core, grossly corrupted overlord than death.

    3. With all our technology and firepower we can't even keep the Taliban down. American insurgents would have more sophisticated equipment, and technical expertise.

      A domestic occupation would be much more difficult because of mutiny and 'traitors' among the armed forces. All of the soldiers won't blindly obey orders to murder their fellow countrymen. It's easier when the insurgents are ethnically/culturally different.

  43. Running is NOT the way. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ....HE NEVER ran from anything. The safest place to be is under the "shadow of His wings". He will never forsake you or leave you. Run into the storm knowing He walked on the water, how much more able is He to protect you in the "time of trouble". Yes, the "birth pains" are here, so what, the only birth will be in HIS Kingdom.

    1. I agree with these statements. There is no safe way to our deathbeds. We are not to cling to all the earthly things that have only kept us all docile up to this point. The meek shall inherit the earth as promised by Jesus. This means in no way that we are to cowar in fear of our own government either. It is time we stand and take back our nation through strong unitied families. Mothers who are willing to take care of and raise her own children instead of letting the state program them. Fathers who are willing to make that possible by doing whatever it takes to provide a home where the family can grow in faith. Children who know and understand what liberty really is.
      I won't move away. There may be times my family may have to run,duck,and hide like the Afgans did through many occupations, but we will fight. A man defending his homeland is worth 10 invaders still. A fight of this magnitude can not be one in or on an open battlefield, it will be won in the hearts of all those who will do whatever possible to root out all the bad apples that are rotting our own government.If my life is taken in this fight that I do believe is coming it will just be a little shorter, but not imprisioned by any government or fears with-in myself.
      Live a life of faith and courage will follow. Start your fight at home so you are prepared. Know that all you have will be needed by you and your neigbors. Build up your families and neigborhoods. Your good word and trust in each other will go far in this war. They win already if they can get us to pluck each other's eyes out, when we do this we fight for them.
      I do believe though that things will really get bad in the cities. The fight will not be avoided, but I believe will be survivable in the country.

  44. So, where do you go? Europe is going to be worse, you think they have any rights? South America, if we go down, so will they and guess who they'll hunt for vengeance, Americans. Canada won't take us, they have a treaty w/the U.S. to turn you in. Mexico? Fat chance. Australia has their problems . . . they're controlled too, their guns were taken from them years ago. New Zealand? Iceland? Moscow? I asked a Police officer about this and he said 'an American will help an American, but if you're in a foreign country, they'll turn you in if they see trouble, I'm staying here.'

  45. what are you nutz? Go where? The worst thing yo can do is leave the safety of your home where you have everything possible to survive. Only when there is no doubt you will die if you don't leave, leave. people on foot in a strange place without friends or neighbors are most vulnerable to be over powered. Band together and make sure someone has got your 6.

    1. I agree, even/but if you live amongst Neighbors and Family that are blind by choice, it's still "comforting" to be in familiar surroundings. I by choice have gathered necessities not to be an Isolationist, but to be a Comfort to Family and Friends. Even tho I am mocked.

  46. once people start saying no .they will keep coming after you.when they stop you ,so no.if they force there way .all the people around that area should kick ther as,s put them in a dumpster,they will think twice about there job.

  47. Unbelivable that you trashed caned my post my post?

  48. Thank you for posting this information. I have been warned about this for a long time and I've taken it seriously. I've studied a lot of information, and I've watched the passing of "strange laws" in Congress or the WH when the news was distracting our attention with far more trivial or entertaining things. Whenever something "unrelated to law" dominated the mainstream media day after day after day -- taking up all 24 hours of reporting time -- I began researching if any controversial issues were being voted on in Congress during the same period. ........... You guessed it. I've lived through a lot, and I know one thing: Laws are made and Laws can be thrown out.

  49. Tell them no more often.

    Provoke them to show their violence earlier, while it is still shocking, while it is still clearly unjustified, while a stark contrast can still be drawn.

    Very, very few can look on horror without flinching.
    Very very few can countenance those who do not flinch.

    They will try to wear the mask of legitimacy as long as they can. They will fear-monger and propagandize to keep the mask in place.

    We do not need to fight them or flee them. We need to cause them to rip the mask legitimacy away untimely.

  50. This is not Germany....it is America. As an American this is my home where I was born and where I will die. It is here I will make my stand. Fleeing is not an option.

    1. Even Rats know when its time to get off a sinking ship..
      Fine.. dance your last dance to the Band on the Titanic if you want.. Its up to you..

  51. Now, you see Americans . You bombed and destroy Europe twice.You were more then 200 times on other people' land.
    You exterminated the rightful owner of this land.The American Native.
    You created millions and millions of refugees all around the world.
    You made a slaughter house of this planet.Now you are the refugee. You try to escape from what you were promoting and serveing. How do you feel?
    Go back and watch the movie." Pinocchio" and learn.Walt Disney made that for you.Because Pinocchio is America. An artificial creation and still dosn't have a conscious.

    1. Here's a perfect snapshot of the attitude that awaits expat Americans in their adopted homelands.