Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Details on How Creepy and Totalitarian SOPA and PIPA Are

Salman Kahn, founder of the Kahn Academy, does a brilliant job of explaining the totalitarian reach of SOPA and PIPA. Be sure to listen to the entire clip. The most draconian parts of the legislation is detailed in the second half of the clip.



  1. hi Mr. Wenzel, thanks for the great website. I was wondering if you could address Khan's comments on the role of gold in finance.

    A few years ago I found this ... ... while watching the first of video I ever clicked on of his.

    so yeah, you and Rockwell have made me so cocky I'm now critiquing Salmon-Freaking-Khan's thinking!

  2. power comes out of the barrel of a gun -Chrmn Mao

    So too does it in a Constitutional Republic.

    Even so, Come, Lord Jesus

  3. Who is electing the politicians who are hell-bent on framing such draconian laws?

    What does that say about the voters at large?

    1. Americans Citizens[tm] do. Or maybe just the few who make (or buy) the voting machines? Who knows. But in big enough numbers, it turns out, most voters aren't all that well-educated and thus are influencable, through... campaign donations. Follow the money and you know who's directing the votes, effectively buying the politicians.

      This has been going on for so long that it's become accepted and normal. If the American People[tm] would rather not have it be so, well, they ought to know what to do by now.