Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glenn Beck: Support Ron Paul

This is amazing. The very curious Glenn Beck makes a very strong case for Ron Paul.


  1. That was one of the most bizarre and confusing discussions I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

    Also, Glen Beck reminds me of Dennis Hopper's character in Apocalypse Now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TAixFYnDh4

  2. It's really a shame that Beck misses it on foreign policy...and the caller as well.

    Get Glenn Beck some books....Fast!

    Has he read Ron Paul's "Foreign Policy of Freedom"?

    If Beck eventually gets it on foreign policy, that may be a good thing...He has a large audience.

  3. Beck supports Ron Paul's basic philosophy, but is careful not to come right out and endorse him. It's more: "He's right on one issue, but that is the one that matters most."

  4. Coulter also has made encouraging sounds.

    Instead of selling out to the left leaning media, Paul should proudly affirm his origins on the right.

    It's the right which is more likely to change, even if it seems farther from us.

    Occupy Wall Street is a tame, semi-reformist Soros-funded attempt to coopt all the original Tea Party fervor, which is still there, even if the Kochtopus coopted it..

  5. I talked to Glenn Beck after Catholic Mass on Sunday in Maui (he was there with his in-laws) and the conclusion of our brief conversation was me saying, "More Ron Paul." He said "yes."

  6. I've been telling you the libs should look right, not left.

    Coulter has been making nice sounds.
    A few more months and even Limbaugh might start ditto'ing for civil liberties.

  7. I love how these neo's go from:
    Don't bomb Iran = Make Nice with Iran = Help them develop a nuke = Annihilation of Israel = End of the World as we know it.

    Fun link (but accurate):

  8. Good lord, what in the world was that? First the kool aid drinking caller who thinks Iran could destroy the U.S. or Israel with a nuclear bomb before either disintegrates the country. Then Beck symbolically waving around the Constitution while simultaneously pissing on it by slobbering over an aggressive foreign policy.

    Beck's studio really is bizarro world.

  9. I am an Australian. Occasionally I see some American TV shows that have people in discussions like this. In Australia, there are no discussions that seem to indicate loyalty to a foreign state. Very odd indeed.

  10. Beck is weird. He had RP on his TV show for a full hour, by himself during the 2008 campaign, in which they discussed EVERYTHING. And then intermittently since then he's trashed him.

    There's something weird going on out there.

  11. Someday that mad hatter Michael Medved with have to eat his hat. Go Dr. Demento!

  12. Classic Bible-belt schizophrenia following the Trotskyite hijacking of the Old Right!

    But GB gets it somewhat when he says that lets get a voluntary army to fight Israel & Iran.

    I am all for private citizens or organizations pitching in to overthrow dictators using silent assassins, please just don't use tax money (i.e. hold a gun to my head and ask me to pitch in).