Monday, January 23, 2012

If You Think You are Safe from the Totalitarian State Because You Live Far from a City...

...listen to this Yuri Maltsev speech about what happened to those working in Soviet agriculture.

It's never clear in advance what nut ball, or evil schemes, central planners will come up with, you need to be prepared where ever you are.


  1. Yuri Maltsev seems like a loveable chap

    charming speech

  2. You really have to love Dr. Maltsev, he's just such a happy guy and very optimistic. Also, his compilation of articles on Marxism, 'Requiem for Marx', is fantastic. I especially liked both Rothbard's and Gordon's articles contained therein. It also contains Gary North's description of Marx the man.

  3. Choppily presented true story of mass genocide by design and conceit, which unfortunately many Americans are still having hard time believing but have no problem with sending the same sell out moronic cretins to Washington DC.

  4. Maybe people will now understand that the FDA exists to murder people.
    I bet most people don't have the brain power to recognize this.

    1. FDA = Feeding Death to Americans