Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Labor Camps for Those in North Korea who Failed to Show Emotion on Death of Kim Jong-il

More proof most government leaders are nutty madmen (North Korea edition)

PIK.TV reports:
North Korean citizens, who did not take part in the mourning ceremonies for the country’s late Leader Kim Jong-il, are facing up to six months in labor camps, Interfax reported January 11.

According to the South Korean media sources, “People’s Courts” took place all over the country starting December 29 to condemn those who did not show enough emotion after the death of “the great leader” Kim Jong-il.

The People’s Court hearings were reportedly over by January 8. The behavior of those people, who criticized the three-generation principle of ruling the country, was also a matter of discussion during the court meetings.

It was reported earlier that 2012 calendars were fully taken out of stores because the date of death of the late Leader Kim Jong-il was not marked in them.

Kim Jong-il died December 17 of a heart attack in his armored train. The North Korean government, now headed by his son, Kim Jong-un, has promised to continue implementing “the great revolutionary leaders’ ideas” with the aim of reuniting the Korean Peninsula


  1. When collectivist societies go off the rails in perusing equality they become extremely bizarre.


  3. You could tell by looking at the video that the people were faking their grief (and they weren't good actors). I guess this explains their "motivation" (inside actor joke ;) ).

  4. Here's some footage of the labor camps...

  5. On the one hand people rail against the war machine and the incessant calls for military intervention and mass murder wherever people do not live like Americans. On the other hand these same people gleefully join the mocking chorus of passport-less nincompoops who pour scorn on North Korea, simply because they live under a system they despise the look of.

    This is completely irrational.

    Articles like this add to the level of ignorant noise that helps ease the bowels of the bomb dropping American beast; "even the Libertarians and venerable Austrian economists roundly condemned the Kim Jong Ill dynasty and their stranglehold on North Korea" - the MSM will opine. You think its perfectly legitimate to berate, mock and attack North Korea.

    I do not agree with you one bit.

    I (unlike the majority of ignorant Americans) have a passport and I have travelled extensively. North Korea is not a place I would like to live, but that does not mean that my opinion should be the sole basis of them changing their way of life, and I do not add my voice to the evil chorus of noise braying for regime change there. I refuse to contribute to the anti North Korea animus permeating the Internet like a bad smell.

    Anyone who claims not to want war, and who believes in the inevitability of good ideas refrains from the infantile mocking of North Korea. They instead, lead by example by ensuring that their own countries are running correctly.

    What's that you say? NDAA, SOPA, the new law that strips American citizens of their nationality if they criticise your pathetic and evil government? Guantanamo Bay? Ah yes, your society is so much better than North Korea's, so pure and free of blame and sin your criticism of them is absolutely warranted, justified and indeed, needed! Your society is opening up and becoming more free every year, a shining beacon of liberty justice and goodness.

    'Yeah, right'.

    Even the best Americans are deeply deluded, parochial, one dimensional numbskulls it seems.

    If you really want an end to the insane, illegal and immoral wars, stop pouring scorn on North Korea like a brainwashed lapdog.

    Fix your own beleaguered and hopelessly broken country and economy, and show everyone what the benefits of liberty are.

    The way the USA is going now, you are demonstrating to the entire world that totalitarianism is justifiable, inevitable and beneficial. All your squealing about North Korea as your own society is being dismantled from the inside is disgusting, hypocritical and your sheer parochial ignorance is utterly appalling. No American should write an article about North Korea without an explicit reference to the sheer, unprecedented in scale evil that America continues to wreak world-wide.

    Solve your own very large problems; hands and mouths off North Korea.

  6. Try not expressing the requisite grief and illogic when discussing 9-11. "the people" would send you to the camps (or worse) in a heartbeat.

    Or not stand at rigid attention when the anthem plays at baseball games...

  7. How Socialists Calculate, # 5,678: "Showing ENOUGH Emotion"

  8. @Anon Jan 12:

    If you can't tell the difference between mocking and bombing, I think the one who is irrational is YOU.

    I also mock NDAA and SOPA, btw.

    Many of us are trying to fix the USA, but acting like that "fix" is as easy as grabbing a wrench and turning a bolt is irrational. Your attempts to restrict free speech are also irrational. Most of us have passports and have travelled -- most likely none of us have traveled to North Korea, so your admonition for travel is irrational.

    I.e., go back on your meds.

  9. The Terrorists in DC are using this propaganda in support of their coming war with north korea. They are going after Iran Syria and north korea very soon.

  10. Iran and Syria I can believe, but North Korea?

    Our government has made very clear, it doesn't attack regimes with WMDs.

  11. I was wondering about those crying sessions. I bet anyone who stopped crying before they collapsed is going to a labor camp.