Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Kennedy Stands to Make $40 Million in Secret Anti-Oil Deal

A friend was once told by Abbie Hoffman that you could make big money in the protest business.

In a book about Woodstock, Young Men with Unlimited Capital,written by the founders of Woodstock, Hoffman's claim appears to be backed up. According to the book, Hoffman, approached the Woodstock promoters and told them that acid might be dropped into the water at the concert and that if they paid him $50,000, he would provide "security" so that the acid wouldn't be added to the water. They paid the $50,000.

But this appears to be pocket change relative to the scam being run by one of Robert F. Kennedy's daughters.

NyPo has the details:
Professional do-gooder Kerry Kennedy — Gov. Cuomo’s ex-wife and the daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy — has called the oil-drilled rain forests of Ecuador “the biggest corporate environmental disaster on the face of the Earth, in the history of the world.”

The human-rights activist penned opinion pieces and lobbied officials to voice her outrage at the damage oil companies have caused to the town of Lago Agrio, where 1,700 square miles of rain forest have been destroyed and people sickened.

What Kennedy has never mentioned during her campaign is that she is being paid handsomely for her seemingly selfless advocacy.

Kennedy, 52, was secretly hired as a “public-relations consultant” by the lawyer representing the Ecuadoreans in an $18 billion lawsuit against Chevron, according to court documents.

Cashing in on her respected family name and legacy, Kennedy raked in tens of thousands of dollars and was given a 0.25 percent stake — worth as much as $40 million — if the $18 billion judgment handed down by an Ecuadorean judge is ultimately upheld. (Chevron has not yet paid pending its countersuit in Manhattan federal court.)

Kennedy was paid a flat $50,000 by lead attorney Steven Donziger on Feb. 22, 2010, bank statements made public in the case show.
She was set to pull down an additional $10,000 per month, according to a September 2010 draft budget by the law firm. And she was to get another $40,000 in expenses in June 2010, according to an invoice from Donziger.

But being a hired shill didn’t stop Kennedy from presenting herself as a crusader with only a personal interest and familial duty to Ecuador’s indigenous masses.
Bottom line: Whether it's an environmental shakedown or homeland security project to fight the terrorists, there usually a buck being made some where.

The only way to stop these type shenanigans is to eliminate the government power centers where the Kennedy-types tend to feed.


  1. "Bottom line: Whether it's an environmental shakedown or homeland security project to fight the terrorists, there usually a buck being made some where."

    Certainly true but don't forget, if anyone wants to get their share of the pie, as Taylor Conant pointed out, 'free men have no need for lobbyists', it's even possible to make a nice buck from interventionist without lobbyists, read:

  2. It seems to me she is working for the money.
    and creating a smart deal. IF they win, she wins, if they don't, she only makes $50K. I'm all for exposing truth but the headline is more of a sensationalistic headline, not really indicative of the situation which in my mind hurts the integrity of the story. fwiw

  3. Interesting story.
    It appears this wing of the family makes good money off oil.
    Joe II makes 600K with his "non profit" Citizens Energy.

  4. The Kennedys are violent parasites.
    In other news: Water is Wet.