Sunday, January 15, 2012

Making the World Safe for Democracy (Iraq Edition)

This U.S. invasion of Iraq to bring democracy to the people of Iraq is working out real well. The Daily Beast reports:
Gunmen Storm Iraq Compound

It's been a very bloody few days in Iraq, and this was a particularly fanatical coordinated attack in the city of Ramadi. First, four car bombs detonated, the first three near the Dawlah Kabir Mosque and the last near a security compound. Then two suicide bombers blew themselves up inside the police station. Finally, six gunmen stormed the compound, killing seven police officers before being killed themselves. There are concerns that sectarian violence could take over the country after the U.S. withdrawal, as Ramadi is mostly Sunni and the security forces are dominated by Shiites...The series of attacks have killed nearly 200 Iraqis in less than a month.
With nation building like this, and Europe collapsing at the hands of the banksters the U.S. is going to have nothing left but broken toys all around.


  1. And regular as clockwork, the destroyers are going to spew the vicious lie that the destruction is caused by troops exiting Iraq.

  2. Hello Yankees, quiz for the day for you. Answer for yourselves, at your peril.

    1.Shall we set ourselves up to determine who the aggressor is in the world?

    2.Shall we engage in embargoes, economic sanctions against aggressor nations?

    3.Shall we do this where the Western Hemisphere is not attacked?

    4.Shall we provide armament greater than that necessary to protect the Western hemisphere from invasion?

    5.Shall we take collective action with other nations to make these more than words and short of war policies effective?

    6.Are we to be the policeman of the world?

    Herbert Hoover answered " emphatically no to all"

    How say you today Yankees.