Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Morning Laugh from Brad DeLong

A Brad Delong post is so absurd, I post from it only so you can have a good laugh:
Ron Paul is the candidate for those who think that the Trilateral Commission and the CFR is coming to kill us all--not to mention that the homes [sic], the Blacks, the lesbians, and the Mexicans are coming to do the same...

Ron Paul is not a candidate for anybody with even one toe grounded in reality.
DeLong then quotes Jesse Taylor, whoever the hell he is:
Less charitably (and, I think, more honestly), Ron Paul by and large only gives a shit about maximizing the freedom of white men….
What do we know about DeLong?

DeLong, is a professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury in the Clinton Administration under Lary Summers. He is also a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

So in other words, DeLong worked for Summers, who fired Iris Mack, who worked her way out of the New Orleans ghetto to earn a PhD in applied mathematics from Harvard University. She then ended up at Harvard Management where she realized HM was putting the Harvard endowment portfolio in jeopardy with its derivative positions. She emailed Summers about the dangers and was then fired from HM.

She, of course,was proved correct about the derivatives, which destroyed billions in Harvard endowment portfolio value.

Who does DeLong consider one of his inspirtions?

Anti-semite John Maynard Keynes.

Yup, Keynes as an inspiration, a Summers lackey, and  an apologist for government intervention, that's how DeLong rolls.

And, oh yeah, according to the 2010 Census, in Lafayette, California. where Delong lives, the population is 84% white. It has a total African-American population of 166 (0.7%). I wonder what attracted DeLong to Lafayette?

And, if you wanted to give DeLong a complete William Lacy Clay-type ass-whipping, you could mention that Lafayette was founded by Richard Ewell, a former confederate general.


  1. Delong is a statist terrorist or else he would be in the free market instead of collectivizing little minds at a Kalifornia indoctrination camp. Of course he is anti-freedom.

  2. How can Brad know his toe is firmly grounded in reality when his head is buried in sand?

  3. Fact: Delong is a racist.

  4. It shows you just how stupid these supposedly "educated" [read hopelessly indoctrinated] men are. Completely clueless and in total denial to what is happening.

    Does anyone care who Brad DeLong is or what he thinks? Anyone??? With his own words he labels himself so completely detached from reality that he is an unqualified joke - a fool on a fool's errand...

  5. I'll say it again and again. This utter incomprehension of our position and this type of infantile behavior by our opponents merely demonstrates that we have won the debate. Our opponents have nothing. Ever. If there ever was a time for our opponents to show something, that time is now. The show nothing because they have nothing. Add to that the preposterous behavious of the MSM.

    Intelligent newbies to our position can easily see the hysterical and mindless response to us by our opponents.

  6. @Anon "How can Brad know his toe is firmly grounded in reality when his head is buried in sand?"

    Hmm.. I was thinking it was buried somewhere else. The one hole these statists are always refilling.

  7. Delong hates us for our freedoms.

  8. Wenzel, you are a national treasure.