Friday, January 27, 2012

NYC's Most Expensive Co-Op for Sale: $65 Million

Denise Rich, songwriter and close friend of the Clintons, who was married to Marc Rich, an international fugitive indicted for illegal oil deals with Iran before he was controversially pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office, is selling her NYC co-op. (See Taylor Conant on Marc Rich) It is the the most expensive NYC co-op to ever go up for sale

NyPo reports:
The digs are so expansive that Rich — who penned the lyrics to such hits as the Aretha Franklin-Mary J. Blige duet, “Don’t Waste Your Time,” and Mandy Moore’s “Candy” — once converted one of her three terraces into a professional-grade figure-skating rink for a blowout party.

The other two outdoor spaces are a rooftop terrace that can hold up to 200 people and a separate wraparound terrace. 
The 12,000-square-foot duplex, right on the corner of East 60th Street, was designed by Emery Roth and boasts seven bedrooms, 11 baths and three kitchens.

There’s also a grand salon, a formal dining room seating 22, a media room, a billiards room, a full gym and a library with a fireplace.

Oh, and sweeping views across Central Park.

Altogether, the apartment has 19 rooms — but Rich says it’s too much space for one woman.

Now that her two daughters live in Europe, Rich said she’s going to buy a smaller city apartment and split her time overseas


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  2. Furnished in the Miami Beach 1950's idea of "class."

  3. @BBH interesting but as we know (or as we should) all value is subjective! This extends into personal preference. One would wonder what this monstrosity would cost in Toledo, OH (just random).

  4. Awesome space. Terrible furniture.

  5. I think Taylor Conant in his review nailed the situation perfectly well.

    William Anderson at also does so in a much shorter article:

    Both Rothbard and Rockwell nail the situation of Michael Milken, another political prisoner of the same era which some may be interested to read: