Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Report: Ron Paul Rocked Valley High School In Iowa This Morning

The Des Moines Register reports:
Ron Paul enjoyed a rock star reception this morning during a get-out-the-vote rally at Valley High School in West Des Moines.

Throngs of reporters snapped photos and yelled out questions as he made his way into the school’s gymnasium. Once inside, the students offered the 76-year-0ld congressman their warmest welcome of the day.

Roughly 800 juniors and seniors gathered clapped and cheered for the Paul, who briefly sported a pair of shades. Chris Moody, a political reporter with Yahoo! News tweeted this gem: “Iowa HS girl on Ron Paul when he enters rally: ‘He’s got his glasses on. Like a BOSS.’”

U.S. Congressman Michele Bachmann, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and the sons of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney also addressed students at this morning’s rally — but were not treated to as enthusiastic of a welcome.


  1. During WGN (Chicago) weekday news "Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann held an event today..." Of course, no mention of Ron Paul at the event....

  2. Iowa, we are counting on you tonight!! Caucus for Ron Paul, for Liberty!

  3. Go Ron! Go Iowa! Ron Paul 2012! Rock 'em and sock 'em!

  4. Dr. Paul is the only Boss Man I'll work for.


  5. "clapped and cheered for the Paul"
    "cheered for the Paul"
    "the Paul"
    "THE Paul"

    I like it.

  6. That's right, like a Boss. Go get 'em Ron.

  7. @ Markie Oles
    That is pretty predictable. I thought we would be past that by now but apparently not.
    Do Santorum and Bachmann's numbers combined even reach Ron Paul's?

  8. Read this latest article from Rick Santorum's nephew on why he is not supporting his uncle and will vote Ron Paul! Please share! http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/03/the-trouble-with-my-uncle-rick-santorum/

  9. Very encouraging for the future of America! These kids are not intimidated if people call them anti-American or anti-Semitic or any other insults.