Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul: “A Victory for the Cause of Liberty”

Ron Paul's awesome victory speech after coming in second right behind Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire.

Dr. Paul left Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman and Perry in the dust.


  1. ...simply amazing!!!

    Ron Paul supporters in Estonia!

  2. Fantastic speech.

    Look Obama , no teleprompter and hes easily conveying complex socio-economic ideas without any difficulty at all.

    Fight the good fight Dr. Paul , we desperately need you.

  3. A fantastic speech, accompanied by tremendous energy.

    Just imagine what his Presidential inauguration speech would be like.

    If we're fortunate enough for that to occur, I'll be there to soak it all in.

  4. He seems to be getting better and better at delivering his platform succinctly. Go Ron!

  5. For social conservatives to watch: what a Christian foreign policy entails:

    Also, anti-fat cat Newt Gingrich flip-flopped on the 2008 bailout (opposed it in the beginning, then supported it on Sept 29).

    And Gingrich thinks post-Christian Europe's laws about speech are to emulated and first amendment should be remade to allow for prosecution of sedition:

  6. Wow. A victory for liberty indeed.