Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ron Paul's Final Comments from Iowa

Lew Rockwell reports:
Ron Paul's final talk in Iowa is moving and thrilling. He talks about the wars, the depreciating currency, our stolen liberties. Though this was my favorite part: "Nixon said 'We're all Keynesians now. I want to be able to say, 'We're all Austrians now.'" Ron said, 'On to New Hampshire!' Then, in a brilliant move, he calls on the young soldier who was cut off by CNN. Then Ron called his people to work for peace and prosperity, and civilization itself.


  1. Rick Santorum???

    It's all good though, once people have a chance to find out what this religious neo-con whacko is all about, he will flame out a la Newt\Cain\Bachmann.

  2. The soldier was cut off over at Fox with Neil Cavutoas well.

  3. If I suggest that the powers that be stole votes from Ron Paul I am a tin hat wearing lunatic and will be laughed at.

    Ask any liberal if Bush actually won Florida and the answer is unequivocally no.

    I happen to agree that Bush didn't win, but none the less, my support for Paul means I am crazy.

  4. Was the Primary gamed?


    But the whole system is gamed from top to bottom.

    Paul must know this, else I would lose all respect for him.

    But he soldiers on!

    As Goldwater several political generations ago - having actually gained the nomination.

    As Buchanan a generation ago who, in an utterly unprecedented political happening, defeated a sitting president in the New Hampshire Primary - after which he had to suffer 'two weeks of hate' from the entire media (to include Limbaugh).

    The Establishment cannot permit deviance from its programs ...

    Now, for this generation, Paul serves ...

    He is doing his duty.

    We can do no less!

  5. Go to dailypaul forums and ronpaulforums and you see server overload.

    Go to any romney forun and it loads in nano seconds, or any santorum forum.

    I call bullshit, the dailypaul forum choked at 960 visitors, give me a break. I've built servers for thousands and this is insane.

    C-SPAN shows one precinct early in the evening that favors romney so we can believe that the results they will present us later in the evening are legit.

    Give me a Fukin Brk!

  6. Robert, here is the CNN fraud piece...


  7. Say it loud and say it proud, we're all Austrians now.

  8. Here's an insider talking about how the Iowa precincts would be manipulated to freeze Paul out 2 days ago:


    I wonder how many people feel like we've just seen an outright fraud?

  9. The interview with the soldier which, erm ... suffered a few gremlins:


  10. Santorum and Romney top their entrance polling by a cool 5% each, while Perry is down 6% from his entrance polls, and Bachmann is down 5%.

    Paul supporters had instructions to snap pics of the final counts and send them in to RevPac. It will be very interesting to see how those numbers match the reported outcome.

    I smell a rat.

  11. Ron Paul MUST Run as a third party if he wants to change the tragic course this country is engaged in. The fact of the matter is that the republican party is a dying party; its demographic is made up of old geezers who are solely worried about their social security checks and their medicare; a lot of them couldn't care less what will happen to their young children and grand children. Who cares if we borrow money from China to build bases in Australia in order to fight China? Right! I am perpetually flabbergasted by the ignorance, shallowness, and laziness of the " baby-boomers". I couldn't wait for them to retire out of our ballot boxes and lives. They are probably the most shameless generation world's history! Viva the Millenials! I think our generation is much smarter, much open minded, and armed with a certain understanding of self that will enable this country to be redirected on its natural path in years to come. The revolution shall continue and no one will stop the Ron Paul TGV!

  12. I was watching Cavuto with 96% of the vote in and there was a difference of 120 votes or so between the two. I think he may have gotten a bit impish. Paraphrasing what he said to his guest, some Professor, what if the final tally shows a one vote difference between the two candidates? Shouldn't the loser challenge the total? Isn't there a way to verify the vote count? The Professor nearly blew a gasket, No, theres no procedure set up, it's never been done before, delegates aren't really selected tonight, etc. Huckabee followed explaining how Santorum did so well, seems he spoke to individual voters. Cavuto asked "Didn't Bachmann do that?" Huckabee gave some inane answer, Pretty good TV for FOX

  13. @Anon 7:32AM

    Running for 3rd party is almost impossible unless he does it literally...right this second.

    If he were to wait, drop out after super tuesday and then re-enter as a 3rd party he would be left off the ballot in many states because of sore-loser laws.

    It really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. And then he would help Obama get re-elected and forever have his image tarnished. Not worth it.

  14. @Anon 7:32 - "Ron Paul MUST Run as a third party if he wants to change the tragic course this country is engaged in."

    Never happen. 3rd parties have *no* chance since system is rigged against them. If you thought you lived in a democracy... you don't.

    You live in an oligarchy and the election is basically a charade to make you *think* your opinion actually matters. Easier to control you.

    If Paul can win, the people will win. If he loses...

  15. It was very interesting; once the Romney/Santorum block passed RP, it was a consistent about 3,000 vote gap between them. Look at the spread as the reporting came in; it never fell less than 3k or rose more than 3.3k. It's as if there was a huge hole of votes that got displaced.

    Still, only Ron Paul could have given a speech such as that, filled with joy, confidence, and genuine - dare I say it - hope. I almost fell off the couch when he asked that soldier to join him on stage, saying he didn't get to finish his comments earlier that evening. I said to myself, "there's no way they'll cut him off now, but, there will be consequences."

    Forget Iowa, I truly think Santorum's toast, due to lack of organization, funding, and his overall evilness.

    It's going to be a Romney/Paul race.