Thursday, January 19, 2012

Roubini Gets It, The Economy is Turning Positive

He is playing it safe and moving away from his usual doom and gloom forecats. He tweets:

U.S. Manufacturing Survey carries gain in momentum from last year into January. New orders and shipment index up.
Of course, it is a Bernanke manipulated recovery, but recovery it is.

Soon, Paul Krugman will be the one economist alone standing out there, thinking we are in still in a depression.

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  1. Not up to your usual standards. You need to listen to/read Peter Schiff. We are in a recession that is getting worse, not better. Unemployment numbers are manipulated - have you noticed that every month the previous month's new job-seeker numbers have to be adjusted up? Bernanke's monkeying with QE1-2-3 and artifically low interest rates are keeping the full weight of the recession from being felt, but when the Chinese stop buying our debt, look out.