Friday, January 20, 2012

Roubini Sees ‘Significant’ Slowdown in China

“It’s going to be a significant growth slowdown this year,” Nouriel Roubini said in a Bloomberg TV interview today. “Housing is deflating. Export growth is slowing down. If they don’t do something -- stimulus in monetary and fiscal credit -- the risk is that the growth will slow down well below 8 percent.”

It's going to get a lot worse than just below 8%. Further, the People's Bank of China has never stopped printing, it is just that it would take enormous amounts of new money to reverse the downtrend.

Of course, EPJ Daily Alert readers have been on to this months ago.


  1. Haha, how utterly clueless is Roubini?

  2. He is both a liar and a government-loving moron.
    So why even acknowledge this parasite exists?

  3. The answer is STIMULUS!

    Gee, I think I could be a tv talking head or big money consultant too. And I didn't even need to get a phd in economics.

  4. In other news, China sees, "there will be a significant Roubini slowdown this year" because, well, NONE OF US REALLY CARE!

    Move on, nothing to see here. ;-)