Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spain's Finance Minister Admits Unemployment Hits 24%,

The eurozone is an economic basket case.

The young, especially the Spanish and Greeks, are leaving for Brazil and places beyond. Socialist style government is going to turn the zone into a dustbin of old, ill and insane.


  1. 24% are not fools.
    The stupid tax livestock that have 70% of their earning stolen from them by the Democracy terror state are the worlds greatest fools.
    When have Europeans been anything else other than old, ill, and insane? That is their entire history.

  2. Do they lie about it like they do in the US?

    If so, it's probably 40%.

  3. Not to worry...ECB will just pursue their own QE to infinity. Overall, the model is not that different than what is emerging in the US. It's just a matter of degree.

  4. The only era in which the Europeans had any sort of human civilization was mid-to-late 1800s...Other than that period, they have always been weak stupid and insane. The 24% are the "normal" humans not wanting to be slaves of the central bankster state.