Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Tracking Tool the Government Uses that You Already Carry with You

By Eric Peters

That little plastic laminated card you’ve got in your wallet or purse – you know, the state’s permission slip for operating a motor vehicle? Ever stop to reflect how peripheral the driving part of a driver’s license is?

Because, of course, a driver’s license is in fact our national ID card.

It’s impossible to function in modern society without this national ID card – even if you never get behind the wheel of an automobile. You can’t open a bank account, cash a check, visit the doctor, vote, board an airplane or even get a job without one.

Or at least, it is very difficult to do these things without one.

And none of these things, as such, have anything to do with the operation of a motor vehicle.

If it were merely a driver’s license, the main issue would be whether we’re sufficiently competent to get behind the wheel. There would be a meaningful test of one’s ability to handle a car. An actual road test on an actual road, in traffic – not the perfunctory drive around the cones in the DMV parking lot (and even that is only required of new/first-time applicants in most states) preceded by a sixth-grade-level written (well, touch-screen video) test of one’s knowledge of The Law.

A medium-smart baboon could pass this test with a little coaching. Few ever fail it – baboons or otherwise. Most of us snicker at the absurdity of it. But it is only absurd from the perspective that assumes they are testing our ability to drive.

Rather, the object of the exercise is ascertaining our identity – in order that we may be kept track of via the interlocking system of data acquisition, indexing, recording and cross-referencing that is the Matrix of modern society.

It is about information – and control.

If it were not, “driver’s licenses” would not be linked to one’s Social Security number – the government-issued ear tag every calf (oops, citizen) is issued at birth. The SS number, in turn, is the number the government uses to make sure you pay your taxes, to keep track of where you work (and how much you earn), where you bank (and how much you have in the bank), where you live, whom you marry, whether you have children (each of them to be issued their own ear tag in turn) and so on – all of which, again, have nothing to do with your competence as a driver.

But just try to get a “driver’s license” without presenting your Social Security card. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Red Flags will be raised.

Even if you have an SS number, they will also likely want your birth certificate, a document (also with your SS number) from your bank, or your mortgage holder, or something along those lines. Then, having presented these documents, they will obtain “biometric” information from you – a fingerprint in some cases or merely a special photo that maps your face so that the Panopticon (those cameras that are increasingly everywhere) can register your presence and record your presence wherever you happen to be – which most of the time, of course, will be somewhere that’s not in your car.

I go too far?

Then consider the fact that even non-drivers must obtain what amounts to the same national ID card in order to be able to do the things mentioned up above. They must show up at the Department of Motor Vehicles and provide the same items – SS number and other documents confirming that number. They will then be biometrically cataloged, just like the other cows (er, “drivers”).

No one escapes the national ID card unless they are “off the grid” – a person who exists outside the system, as a de facto (if not de jure) outlaw.

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  1. Oh, it can get worse. I am in Bangkok, Thailand (with my partner) while our 72 year old friend is in New Dehli, India (alone) because US Passport Visas only allow one entry into India during a 2 month period. We were on a cruise that stopped in BOMBAY and ended up with a stamp on our passport that prevents a return to the country for 2 months! We were stopped at the airport, and forced to return to our hotel and try to arrange alternative plans- thank God Thailand doesn't (YET) require a visa, so we are flying her here- screwing up her lifelong desire to see the Taj Mahal (instead we are taking her back to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat)

    The "managerial state" has made international travel a nightmare- and the US gov't is the main cause.

    If there is one upside, this trip through SEAsia has finally converted my NeoCon boyfriend into an anarchist!


    1. Poor you. You have such enormous problems.

      The INDIAN visa system has nothing to do with U.S. driver's licenses. Anarchists are f ags.

    2. He's right that the system is becoming globally invasive. And calling people fags doesn't speak well for your manners either. "Partner" ... chuckle ... "boyfriend" ... how gays have to press the abnormal relationship to the forefront all the time. As Spooner would say, "Keep that sh#t to yourself". Your point was made, and you can keep your point on point without the gay spin. That's just the thing that irks the bigots ... but maybe you intended that in the first place ???

    3. First of all, HoobaDooba: why are you so angry at gays? Did something happen in your childhood that hurt you? Or are you a "Troll" coming in here to stir up some drama BS on purpose? My guess is, I smell some troll blood and it stinks.

      Lastly, yes that article is correct but yes there is a way to get off the grid completely, get all your freedoms back that our founding fathers intended, and get back the money that was stolen from you (plus interest). check out this web site state-citizen .o r g and read the files in the "file room". then check on their accuracy at a law library. This is the only way to make your voice heard loud but peaceful to our messed up gov. But please do not try to retaliate with violence against the gov because they already have their swat teams/military teams (non-americans) ready to fight. Lets all show them we know how to defeat them without any violence. But do not take my word for this web site. do check on these files for yourself. Lets get back our god given/ birth rights and stop our out of control gov once and for all.

  2. Things are going to get worse quickly. Here is what's coming to Connecticut, my home state.

  3. Here's a little-known part of the USA that is free from this kind of drivers's license nonsense. You can get a license here without a SS number, or a birth certificate - only proof of residence. This place is also free of pollution, chemtrails and Federal Income Tax. Sound good?

    Welcome to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It's USA, but in political union with the CNMI, so there is a certain amount of autonomy. It's a great place to live - far out in the Pacific - sort of between Hawaii and the Philippines. Dollars are the currency and the stars and strips fly over the local post office.

    It's not perfect, but it's a whole lot easier to live here than on the mainland. And no, you don't need a special Visa or Passport if you're a U. S. Citizen. Just show up and find a place to live!

  4. I understand the nature of the drivers license but my question is 'how did we, as a 'free people', allow the few self important representatives, to impose these restrictions on us in the first place'? We continue to comply with this shit. I nor anyone that I know, ever gave anyone permission or consent to do such things in the name of public safety. If the public doesn't respond in kind therefore, we get what we deserve.

    1. Because the 'free people' are too busy watching American Idol. When an elected official does something evil, they don't vote him out of office, they re-elect him! Knowing there are no repercussions, they do whatever they want. Next stop: total slavery.

    2. Sorry brother but if you knew the nature of the driver license you would know how this has taken place. Your very own signature, which belongs to you, has gotton you in this mess. You gave it to them voluntarily did you not? And I do not want to here how it is the law because it is not. A statute is not law but simply a statute. Who are the statutes directed to? Not sovereigns I can assure you. 14th Amendment citizen slaves become slaves voluntarily. See the Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry for details.

    3. They don't know what a sovereign is, or the difference between statute and law and rule and code. The best thing to do is smatter a bit of education around, as in sober links, and not to pages that are green and fushia and red ... so intensely rude that the author has to be a nut. Try: It looks like they are trying (in development) to get the issue to the forefront AND doing something about it in court.

  5. What most people fail to understand is that here in the USA the government is authorized by the constitution to regulate commerce, and they are really limited to this, but you are not supposed to know it. There are two basic types of 'operators'; those who transport property 'for hire' and those who transport people 'for hire'. Look up the definition in an older law dictionary such as Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth edition, and you will see that it makes this distinction.

    In essence, you are not a 'driver' unless it is your occupation. You as a private human being are supposed to have the right to liberty in this country and that means a right to travel, not just by means of walking or riding a bicycle. The terms vehicle, driver, passenger are defined in law as being 'commercial'. I believe that at the time of the writing of the constitution the term 'commercial' was defined as having at least 7 employees in your business.

    If you study the definition of extortion, the obtaining of a person's property, or signature, with their consent, under threat or color of official right, you will begin to see who the real criminals are. It is those who pretend to represent your government. Driver's license, vehicle registration, mandatory insurance; etc., etc., it's all the same. Criminals cannot represent government. It is inferred, by the criminals dressed in black, that by your asking for the privilege of driving you have no right to liberty, or that you have freely relinquished it (by contract or implied consent) and any constitutional rights that you may try to claim at a later date.

    A driver's license is just one of the many ways that communists have destroyed this country; and they are communists/ criminals. Communism is nothing more than organized crime using their disquise of government to rob you of everything. Study the ten elements of communism and you will find that they are all in effect and have been for a long time.

    I, myself, challenged the 'government' on this very issue and their response was to threaten to kill me and my family repeatedly and they stole my property repeatedly and I could find no one who would help me to prosecute them.

    They have convinced me that they are not my government and even the Supreme Court has ruled that criminals cannot represent government.

    None shall buy, or sell, without the 'mark of the beast' and this is exactly what a license is. When you have to ask permission (get a license) which is permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal, from the government, then they are in fact your master. You are not living in a free country and you have never lived in a free country.

    You were deceived by the writing of the constitution into believing that you had a lawful, legitimate government. It has always been a lie. If there is no penalty, then there is no law. Where is the penalty clause to the constitution and how would you enforce it even if there was one?

    1. Totalitarianism functions well in capitalism, too.

      The Constitution is for honorable men, not white-collar thieves. Once the people stopped holding 'them' accountable, the Constitution became their rag.

      The mark of the beast is more than the license, but 42 USC 666 Section 13 makes the DL complicit to the mark ... you are correct.

      The DL puts a face on the SSN when they are combined for national identification. They become one as the mark expands its jurisdiction.

      Currently, the mark can only be identified by essential Rev 13 characteristics because it is not 'officially' claimed/enforced by its proponent ... yet ... but certainly underwritten by him.

      The mark has the right signature, if you will, but no poster boy.

      People are in denial over the 'mark'. They don't recognize that it's in formation, far past infancy ... just as a developing prison project cannot hold prisoners and have a warden and guards assigned to it until completed. It's still a prison. The barbed wire surrounds the nearly completed infrastructure. You can identify it.

      The system of 'the mark' needs to be completed, so the underwriter can tout it when he comes on the scene. The process of the mark will not happen overnight. It will have to have the complete infrastructure in place for it to be effective when it becomes universally mandated.

      Let's be pragmatic. Because the world has gone broke, what's in place will be used for the mark. The UN has mandated that ALL humankind must be marked (identified with numbers) at birth. Try to escape that at the hospital next time you birth a child.

      You can function in a limited manner without a DL, but not without an SSN. The State demands your SSN to get a DL, but that's not a "law" regarding the people. It's the Fed extorting the States: "If you don't collect the SSNs for DLs we won't return your portion of taxes".

      Our dilemma: The individual State will not defend its people and fight Fed extortion because it's made up of lazy and ignorant clerks ... and over-ambitious attorneys.

      The mark had its first trial in Nazi Germany with the Hollerith code, used to track prisoners and forced laborers. The same people that provided this system for Hitler has provided it for the SSA in the U.S.

      International Business Machines.

      Take a moment to ponder the components of that name.

      Global Commerce Systems

    2. That was a brilliant post-

  6. Not much different from the dehumanizing "Tag and Track" ID cards that ghetto Jews in Hitler's Nazi Germany were issued:

    Yes,it's taken some time,but it's here -- the dumbed-down and dis-informed thought that it could never happen here,but the jackboot of a global fascist Orwellian totalitarianism is here,and that fascist jackboot is firmly planted on the throats of the helpless,bleating sheeple.