Sunday, January 8, 2012

The U.S. Pushing Iran Further into a Corner

Will they eventually decide that blocking the Strait of Hormuz is a sane response. The latest release from the Treasury (my bold):
On Sunday, Secretary Geithner will depart for Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan for meetings with senior government officials next week to discuss the state of the global economy, policies to strengthen global growth and other economic issues of mutual importance. Secretary Geithner will also discuss our continued coordination with international partners in the region to increase pressure on the Government of Iran, including financial measures targeting the Central Bank of Iran. He will arrive in Beijing, his first stop, on Tuesday.


  1. Global growth of what, Timmy?
    Slave-Planet Fascism?

  2. What does "sanity" have to do with anything here?

    "We don't have to close Hormuz, all we have to do is incapacitate a US aircraft carrier. They have...what, six nuclear reactors in each of those things?...".

    Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous.


  3. They can't get away with a Gulf of Tonkin lie event, today.
    They have to create a real terror attack.