Monday, February 27, 2012

Airlines Raise Fares Again; Hotels Rates Soar

Reports Lati:
For the third time this year, several of the nation's major airlines raised airfares last week, with United and Continental airlines initiating a $4 to $10 increase in round-trip ticket prices.

Virgin America, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and American Airlines have matched the increase, but JetBlue Airways and the nation's largest domestic passenger carrier, Southwest Airlines, have yet to follow.
Also from LaTi:
The average hotel room rate in North America climbed 7% in January.
It is not clear if Paul Krugman still thinks deflation is the biggest threat.

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  1. That's cool. We're not flying anywhere if the TSA is in charge! Saved over $15k in airfare over the last two years and enjoyed some quality time with the family. Any nobody felt my balls!