Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Altucher: Apple Will Hit Trillion Dollar Market Cap

James Altucher said Monday on CNBC that Apple is currently priced like a utility stock and has plenty of upside. He says the company this year will hit a market cap of a trillion dollars. The current market cap is $433 billion.

If Bernanke keeps printing the way he is, Altucher is going to be very right.


  1. facebook worth $100 billion? my ass!

  2. If he would relate his predictions to money supply growth, then I would pay him more attention. And I do understand the growth rate of AAPL is tied to the money supply.

  3. Bold claim, Altucher. Money printing could boost the market significantly but their are many bubbles that could use some pricking in the next year. For P/E ratios, people tend to focus on the movement of "P"....but watch the "E" for some companies evaporate