Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Difference in a Mitt Romney Win versus a Ron Paul Win in the Annual CPAC Straw Poll

Last year, when Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll, this is what WaPo said:
Ron Paul emerged victorious in the Conservative Political Action Conference's annual presidential straw poll, the second straight year that the libertarian-leaning Texas Congressman has won the vote...The history of CPAC straw poll winners affirms the limits of using it as a prognosticator of much of anything.
Here's how WaPo views the poll when an insider, Mitt Romney, won this year:
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has won a presidential straw poll of activists attending the Conservative Political Action Conference, a key annual gathering of right-leaning Republican activists concluding Saturday in Washington.  
The result is a major boost for Romney...

WaPo: all the news that's fit to distort.


  1. Scuzzwads don't mind looking like scuzzwads.

  2. could it get any more clear?

  3. Romney is a NWO Globalist. The MSM will put whatever spin on any story that will put Romney in the limelight. The globalists and NWO controlled MSM are terrified of Ron Paul, because he will sign an executive order to remove all past executive orders, he will oust the Federal Reserve, he will get rid of Obamacare, and any gun control laws. Ron Paul stands for freedom and liberty and the US Constitution.

  4. WAPO is correct though because Ron Paul has failed to leverage his wins.

    1. Thanks to the Pravda-like coverage of the shithole establishment media.

  5. The Washington Compost makes an excellent soil conditioner due to its high steer manure content.

  6. Has the original version of the 2nd article been edited to remove the quote above?