Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gas Prices Top $5 Per Gallon On Long Island, NY

CBS New York reports:
The sign at the Gulf station on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck really does say a gallon of regular will cost you $4.99.9. Unless you have a spare one-tenth of a penny lying around, for all intents and purposes, that’s a $5 gallon of gasoline — $5.09 if you use a credit card.
Looks like price inflation to me.

There is an opposing view.


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  2. I think Helicopter Ben's money creation and its after effects are the main reason we are not bombing Iran and that talk has been dying down the last week or so.
    I think even the scum war-mongers recognize $6-$7 a gallon gas would greatly harm the U.S.

  3. Price inflation? Nonsense! It's peak oil. Or rising tensions in the middle east. Or greed. Yeah, that's it! It's those greedy speculators! Pay no attention to the bearded man behind the curtain!

  4. Why don't the people of the U.S. states just say, "F you" to the federal government, and tell them to shove their environmental and energy regulations right up their you-know-whats, and exercise their right of nullification, and just drill and make use of whatever natural resources are within their own states. If the feds don't like it, they know what they can do.

    1. Scott,

      I empathize with your thoughts and sentiments and ask myself the same question quite frequently.

      I have come to the conclusion that most Americans still hold to the idea that it is their utmost moral duty to remain submissive to the state and all that this implies.

      In these peoples minds it would be anathema to question the necessity of its existence and they lack the critical-thinking skills required to separate fact from fiction nearly every step of the way, logically speaking.