Saturday, February 11, 2012

Greek Police Union Issues Arrest Warrants for Global Banksters

The Greek police union has issued arrest warrants for any EU, ECB or IMF official visiting Greece to check progress of cuts in government spending.

Blowback against banksters is clearly intensifying in Greece. However, it does not appear that those turned anti-bankster understand basic economics. It appears they continue to want a free lunch from government.

Government itself has no money that it doesn't take from the productive. When the productive are drained, there is nowhere for the government to turn to prop up socialist schemes.

Unless the Greek people decide to throwout the parasitic government and decide to become productive on their own, Greece will become a waste land.

That said, I wouldn't mind seeing a few banksters arrested. It's a battle of the parasites.


  1. That's the impression I get from a lot of the fiscal problems in a lot of places - a tug of war battle between the takers fighting over the makers.

  2. This Reuters story says that the Greek Police Union as threatened to issue warrants:

    Don't know if they are actually issued yet.