Monday, February 20, 2012

Land Prices Are Rising Uniformly Across The Cornbelt

Farmland values in the Cornbelt are rising as fast as anytime in the past 35 years, but may be showing some indication of deceleration.  Bankers throughout the five-state region in the Chicago Federal Reserve District report a 22% increase in the value of good farmland over the course of 2011.  But in the seven-state Kansas City Fed District, the value of farmland rose 25% in the past year, reports FarmGateBlog...

Higher prices for grain have spurred the most significant demand for land since the 1970’s.

Farm land, oil, grains...the price inflation is coming.


  1. The latest revision of what the FED considers to be "true" inflation is appalling:

  2. Jim Rogers forecast this publicly on CNBC Asia back in 2009.