Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Miami New Times to Ron Paul: "You Can Stop Existing Now"

In one of the more nutty anti-Ron Paul attacks, Gus Garcia-Roberts of the Miami New Times, calls for Ron Paul to "stop existing" (in a political way).

Ron Paul did not focus on Florida during the recent primary because it is a winner take all delegates state. Still he came in with 7% of the vote. Garcia Roberts called this vote total " essentially a margin of error."

But he was only getting warmed up with that snide remark. He went on to write:
...we wish he would take the hint, drop the hell out of the race, and also not bother us in 2016 or 2020, when his phony renegade act will be even more bizarre because he'll be 87 years old. Here's why kicking Ron Paul in the ass was one of the smartest things Florida Republicans have ever done.

He absurdly wrote that Dr. Paul was a neo-con, but he has since retracted:
The Paul-heads currently making sweet reLoVEution to this comments section are clamoring for us to rescind our claim that he is a "neo-con." You are correct. "Right-winger" is what we were going for here

He ends this way:
His supporters are delusional.

Ron Paul supporters seem to think this guy is some counterculture icon, which is a very sad hoodwinking of some naive fellas who might otherwise be spending their energy writing electric-guitar love ballads to that chick in their Econ class. Paul-heads: You are nothing more than young Republicans...Skip these awkward growing pains, don your hair helmet, and become a proud poor-people-hatin', tax-hoarding, giant-television-ownin' Republican.

Also, those bumper stickers are plain awful. "ReLOVEution"? One: How do you pronounce that? Two: The last thing any sane voter in either party wants is to be loved by that creepy coot. I'm picturing him hugging me with his clingy grasp, and he's drooling on my shoulder and his sandpapery man hands are rubbing my neck. It's very disturbing.

You can email Garcia-Roberts, here.



  1. Nobody here in Miami reads this rag.
    It is written on a third grade level.
    They call me nonstop begging me to subscribe.
    I don't even bother to read it for free online.

  2. Here we go again....

    The Left claims he's a hard right-wing nut job and the Neocon Right claims he's a Far Left hippie. LOL!

    These guys are pathetic. Their willing ignorance and desperation is hilarious.

  3. I love columnists whose articles, in terms of depth of opinion, writing style and research, are on the same level as "Joe commenter" from cyberspace.

  4. Watta creep.

    Well, it's just a piss-ant paper...

  5. Too bad Ron Paul is already pandering to special interest groups:


    "Now don’t get me wrong. I generally like Ron Paul but here he is pandering to a special interest group in an obvious attempt to garner their votes. I’m talking about his latest article in the Las Vegas Sun entitled “Stop Taxing Tips“. A more consistently ideological person would be against all taxes on all income for all people. Yes, he has stated this much before so I can’t help but think that this is a ghost-written article by one of his political handlers but it just goes to show you how the system is corrupted. I will not vote for Ron Paul (explained here) and I will not vote for anybody via the illegitimate political process."

    1. I don't understand why you are so down on Ron because of this one issue. Firstly, they are hardly a 'special interest' group in the same way AIPAC or Lockheed is and would you not agree that in a specific area, you might want to target a specific group in a particular way delivering a message that might get lost otherwise.

    2. Yeah, those waitresses are lining up to take over America!

      Watta joke!

      Then this clown says "a more consistent policy would be against ALL taxes on everybody. Oh wait Ron Paul said that. oh, well I don't like it. Me take toys and go home Waaaahh."


    3. I'm pretty sure he against all taxes on all income for all people, but it would be impossible to eliminate all taxes at once, so his plan is to gradually lower all taxes instead. I don't think this can be seen as a serious and legitimate argument against Ron Paul.

  6. Bothering pompous jackasses like this is one of the many positive things about Paul's campaign.

  7. My submission to Mr. Roberts:
    "I read a portion of your article asking Ron Paul to drop out of the race. Just thought you should know that the "paulheads" will not go away. He may not win the election, but libertarian ideas are changing hearts and minds across the country. Those of your ilk were never really relavent, and that will become more apparent when the younger generation throws off the facade to reveal the true monster that our republic has become. You won't understand what is happening as it is readily appparent from your ranting that you have a very low IQ. Good luck getting by with no discerable skills. Perhaps you can become a prostitute as that seems to be well suited to your skill set."

    You are right Bob. Striking back at these creeps really does lessen the blues.

  8. Just sent him a pleasant email.

  9. Miami New Times,
    Mr. Garcia-Roberts' political coverage of the republican race, specifically, his mis-characterizations of Rep. Ron Paul shows such bias and sloppy reporting, it is no doubt that journalists like him are becoming more irrelevant with each passing day. The writing is on the wall, and fortunately, it is not penned by Garcia-Roberts or his ilk.

  10. What a complete douche.

  11. The only thing I could wish on this crowd is that they will get what they wish for. 4 years under Newt (8 years would be even better) would do more to advance the cause of libertarianism and small gov conservatism than anything else I can think. By the time Congress is voting to make Newt's moonbase the 51st state, even Harry Reid will be scrambling to a pocket Constitution to cite "limited gov powers".

  12. Soon his paper (along with all print and main stream media) will be a thing of the past, and he will be free to rise to his level of incompetence - shoveling horse shit comes to mind - no wait, that's what he does now...

  13. Pity that all the truly talented writers are avoiding the fish wrap industry. It has turned their slow demise into an ugly spectacle.

  14. This is a good example of a hate-filled, unprofessional, childish and completely unobjective article. And on top of that, full of misinformation. This "journalist" should be ashamed of himself.