Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nevada GOP Chairwoman Resigns Over Primary Vote Irregularities

Is Ron Paul getting pushed away from the Republican nomination by fraudulent counts? The Examminer's Jeffrey Phelps has the story:
As if anyone who’s been paying attention over the last few weeks is actually surprised, another caucus state is taken down by GOP officials, permanently altering the outcome of yet another election, rendering its results forever in question.

This time, however, the people of Nevada are the immediate victims of mounting state GOP scandals, as the historical “First in the West” Nevada Caucus has been officially rendered a fraud, and the unwitting citizens and voters are once again left holding the bag.

So far, the overall magnitude of the circumstances has gone largely unnoticed by the people of the US in general, but that didn’t deter NV GOP Chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian from filing her resignation the very next morning on Sunday, as obvious and rampant, widespread election fraud is sweeping through the country in an establishment elite attempt to hide the real results, in favor of a pre-chosen candidate, despite the wishes of the American people.

Very similar to the circumstances that played out in Iowa just weeks ago, also forcing a state GOP official there to recently submit his own resignation, precincts across the state of Nevada are now coming up with mismatching numbers, missing votes, and ultimately and permanently unverifiable results, rendering the entire United States 2012 election process a total failure and, so far, unrecoverable....

Amazingly, as state after state is ransacked by establishment backed party officials, as Romney continues to benefit from all the pre-meditated mayhem, the establishment’s media continues to act as if nothing whatsoever is happening and everything is under control, as if all this has been the plan all along.

Breaking the story of Chairwoman, Tarkanian’s resignation, while trying to be as quiet about it as possible, The Nevada Sun did their very best to spin the circumstances and cleverly word the story, attempting to leave the reader with the impression that everything was going to be ok, when the actual reality of the circumstances is obviously quite dire.

 As it turns out, just as in Iowa, the likelihood that Ron Paul should have actually been the winner is very high. Not only did CNN show live coverage of a special late evening vote count in a populated Las Vegas precinct that had Ron Paul winning by almost 60%, statistics are showing that Ron Paul may have actually won the entire caucus by approx. the same margin, had in not been for another round of State GOP election fraud that is seemingly never going to be address by the powers that be, for obvious reasons.

There was even a CNN videotaped situation outside of that same precinct that had event staff attempting to prevent a Ron Paul supporter from entering the premises, seemingly so he couldn’t assure a fair results count.

Perhaps the most obvious aspect of the situation, however, may be the fact that Nevada is a known Libertarian state, Ron Paul has basically campaign there since his last attempt at the white house, his numbers have almost doubled in every state since then, yet Nevada state GOP ‘officials’ expect everyone to believe he actually received fewer votes there in 2012 than he did in 2008?

The situation has become so desperate for the American People and the rule of law, even the historically very humble and quiet Ron Paul should consider coming forward to cry foul. Something he has yet to do, largely because he came so close to winning in Iowa, despite GOP state officials rigging the outcome for Romney…then Santorum.

He also knew he’d be targeted by that same establishment’s media and ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist, if he tried speaking out against what should be obvious if it were actually handled honestly by the media, both locally and nationally.

It’s now become so obvious that the establishment will do anything to rig the results they are even willing to do it openly, even in caucus states that have paper ballots that are harder to hide.


  1. Ask anyone if Bush actually won Florida. The answer? liberal = "NO WAY!" conservative = "yes"(wink and a nod)

    Suggest that Ron Paul is getting cheated out of voted... get labeled a tin hat foil wearing conspiracy theorist. "SHUT UP HE CAN'T WIN!"


    A few years from now someone will do a documentary film and election "officials" and others will admit that Paul got screwed out of votes.

    1. While I'm no fan of either party (huge RP supporter), what is always forgotten about the 2000 election in the key state of Florida is that the major networks all declared Gore the winner before the voting was completed. As anyone who knows Florida (I lived there), the panhandle, which is in the central time zone, is 85% neocon Republican, and hearing the broadcasts, many didn't bother voting. Did Bush and the GOP steal back the votes? Probably, but this fact that everyone seems to magically forget is just as blatant.

  2. There's only one way around it - run as an independent.

  3. The Examiner story is misleading to the point of being false. For one thing, the Nevada GOP Chairwoman did not resign over a voter issues. She announced her plans to retire on Feb 5. (the day after the caucus) several weeks in advance. See here:

    Furthermore, I have been interning for the Ron Paul Nevada Campaign and was involved in all of these activities. We had attorneys, volunteers, and paid Ron Paul campaign members present at every step of the way. We found no evidence of voter fraud and much evidence of a poorly staffed and overwhelmed Clark County Republican Party.

    I go into more detail here:

    1. A very good blog post. The Ron Paul campaign has a lot of room to improve.

  4. I see only two possibilities:

    1. The American people are incredibly ignorant and are voting for Rick Romgrich in large numbers; or

    2. They're rigging the vote counts

    Either way, we are doomed.

  5. The way the vote count took so long in Nevada and Iowa, despite the relatively few amount of votes to count, shows that there was something suspicious going on. It took two days to count the Nevada votes?????

    1. It should've taken about 3 or 4 hours to count the Nevada votes.

  6. "1. The American people are incredibly ignorant and are voting for Rick Romgrich in large numbers"

    This would be the Albert Jay Nock/ H.L. Mencken conclusion, and the one I find most likely.

  7. Okay, I can understand the fact that Ron Paul doesn't get as much publicity in the mainstream media as the other candidates, and I can understand that RP has a very dedicated group of supporters. What I don't get is why his supporters cry "VOTER FRAUD" every time he doesn't win a primary/caucus. In my "home state" of New Hampshire he was projected to get 15-17% of the vote. Even though he ended up doing much better than expected with 23% of the primary vote, his supporters still blamed Diebold voting machines of vote-switching (usually from RP to Romney) and the like. Mind you, NH is home to a libertarian political migration movement so many people there are religiously supportive of RP. But still, it's kind of pathetic to see this from the RP camp *every single time*.

    Also, keep in mind that RP is a republican, and a good number of his views are either too extreme for the party or don't fit with the party's overall platform. That in itself should be reason enough to think he's not going to win. As far as I'm concerned, his time in politics is pretty much over. He did his thing by "spreading the message of liberty" (his version of liberty, not mine) so let him go.

  8. David, independents have to dedicate all their resources just to get on the ballot in most places. The two parties have a stranglehold on the process. I don't have any evidence of voter fraud, but I think it goes on. To the skeptics, they lie to you about the money, the debt, the wars, etc. Why is it so hard to believe they rig elections to keep themselves in power?