Monday, February 6, 2012

Police Go Crazy at UMass Amherst after Super Bowl

After the defeat of the New England Patriots by the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, UMass students took to the streets. Although described by the media as a riot, the students were simply chanting anti-NY Giants slogans. Nothing was destroyed, nothing was ripped down.

Here's video of that:

But the police reacted as if it was the fall of the state of Massachusetts:

Here's an overview:


  1. Don't you know? You are not allowed to assemble in the USS of Amerika.

  2. All the more reason to exercise your 2nd amendment right.

  3. The police are doing their best to build an *entire* generation of American's that not only do not trust them, but that despise them.

  4. This is all but an elaborate but subtle plan to educate the public into not protesting even non-violently. Zero tolerance. The police can always apologize after the fact.

  5. How did the police (campus?) get there so fast? Was this a training drill for them?

    Next time be prepared to hold your ground. Publish the names and addresses of the police and whether they have kids in college. Provide the dogs with some tasty treats. Carry a gas mask when in very large groups.