Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Richest Zip Codes in the United States

Of 29,000 zip codes examined by the Internal Revenue Service, only three had an average yearly income of one million dollars or more, based on recently released data from 2008. But the average income per year for all of the top ten richest zip codes exceeds $700,000, according to IRS data, reports HuffPo.

Three of the wealthiest five zip codes are located in New York City. Among its residents, Manhattan has 7,270 people worth $30 million or more.

1. Lower Manhattan 10274

2. 30 Rockefeller Plaza 10112

3. Fisher Island, FL 33109

4. 45 Rockefeller Plaza 10111

5. Oklahoma City, OK 73154

6. Downtown Chicago 60604

7. Atherton, CA 94027

8. Century City Los Angeles 90067

9. New Vernon, NJ 07976

10. Grand Central Station, NY 10168

The top zip code, 10272, begins only blocks from the New York Federal Reserve Bank. (Just coincidence, I'm sure.)

Number 2 and 4 zip codes, different parts of Rockefeller Center, are, of course, home to Rockefeller Family money management and where former Fed chairman Paul Volcker maintains an office. (More coincidence, I'm sure.)


  1. Robert ive been dieing to ask you about this. I am EPJ daily guy. You and others are stating that the housing bottom is near. However Home prices in 5 boroughs NYC havnt really come down that much. For instance i was looking at a house in staten island. 2 beds 1 bath for 600K in decent neighborhood. That insane over priced in my view. Home prices really havnt come down that much over here in NYC compared to Florida, Arizona Nevada ect. any thoughs on this?

    1. I think you've mistaken Wenzel as a blogger who actually engages his readers.

    2. I don't pretend to speak for Bob on this, but IIRC the substantial drop in house prices in New York occurred a few years before the big bust. Since then they've been slowly rising.

  2. P.S. Sportsmen Acres Community has 322 residents with per capita income of $0. In these troubled times, we need to send someone down there to find out how they manage to live on nothing at all.