Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ron Paul as Savvy Metals Trader

When I met with Ron Paul back in May of last year, at one point we started discussing gold and silver.

He told me that he thought silver would climb more than gold because of the high price that gold was at. He said that because gold was so high, some people, who couldn't afford gold, would switch to buying silver and thus silver would put in a stronger performance.

How's Dr Paul's forecast doing this year so far?

Year-to-date gold is up 12.6%, silver is up 23%.


  1. Mr. Wenzel,

    With all due respect, you are only looking at a 1-month time period. Mr. Paul's prediction has actually performed quite poorly. Since the time of his statement on 5/2/11, GLD is up 13% and SLV is down 22%.

  2. Yeah but where's Abby? She's the real Silver guru.


  3. for the same reason they'll sell their silver before selling their gold, no?

    gold is assumed, with good reason, to better maintain its higher price. therefore silver is a quick way to take larger profits during those periods where the numbers push buyers out of gold and into silver.