Monday, February 20, 2012

Ron Paul--The Forbidden Name

Iris emails:

Ron Paul - the forbidden name

Fox News just went to commercial.

Prior to doing so, they said the following TWICE: "President Obama is putting his focus on THIS GUY."
And who would that be?  Dr. Paul.

They flashed his photo, but refused to say his name


  1. Any idea why Obama is putting his focus on Paul? I feel like they wouldn't admit such a thing even if they were.

    1. Because Obama - like most of us - knows that the corporate lame stream media is lying about Ron Paul's chances of winning.

      He is the only Repub candidate who has appeal to deems, repubs and independents.

      Paul is the only Repub who can truly beat Obama.

      So, of course it makes sense for Obama to focus on him. However, seems like a dumb strategic move to let this be known.