Thursday, February 9, 2012

WSJ Economist: Ron Paul's 0% Income Tax Would be World's Greatest Job Creator

Iris Mack sends along a link to this awesome clip of a WSJ economist explaining why Ron Paul's idea of a zero income tax is a great idea. The comments were made just after the January 16th debates in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Dr. Paul called for gradually lowering the personal income tax to 0%.

See the clip here.


  1. Made me giddy just to put myself in the frame of mind that this could actually happen in the US.

    When you try to argue this angle with the common man, and especially Democrats, they say "but what about all the programs? etc.etc." They're fully sucked in by the illusion that they're getting something in return.

    The greatest thing would be the unprecedented uproar in the media about the coming zero tax apocalypse about to smash the US, and then for people to see on day one that life is no different. Except maybe they'll notice there's a bit less harassment and intrusion since so many bureaus will have to be shuttered. Then they'll get that first paycheck, and be blown away by the "raise" they just received (raise is in quotes because it's YOUR money). In the next year or two would come a massive change in society as an enormous quantity of wealth shifts back into private hands, and starts to satisfy people's wants.

    So few are able to make the connection between the dingy, decrepitating things in our country and the increasing size of Leviathan. That capital is certainly getting spent, but that doesn't mean it's being used! The government is just shoveling value into the fire, taking us full speed towards an uncompleted bridge.

  2. Any reason why Dr. Mack's link (on the imackgroup website "our consulting team" page) links to a Forbes page on someone named Karen Pritzker?

    1. Thanks for your comment. We updated the link on

      It was an endorsement from Mrs. Karen Pritzker - which was is featured on and was also featured on her Forbes page for a while.