Sunday, March 18, 2012

ABC News: Ron Paul's Best 2012 Campaign Day

ABC News reports:
The Missouri caucuses may have marked Ron Paul’s most successful day of the 2012 campaign, as anecdotes from across the state indicate a strong showing.
In St. Charles County, organizers and police shut down the caucus amid a bitter dispute between Ron Paul supporters and the caucus chairman. Two Ron Paul supporters were arrested, then released. A police helicopter showed up.
And ABC goes on:
In keeping with what seems to be a trend, a Ron Paul supporter in Lincoln County alleged that GOP officials violated caucus rules in an attempt to silence Paul supporters. Quote from a Ron Paul supporter, as posted on a blog: “They practically ignored the State GOP guidelines and rules. The severely butchered Robert’s Rules of Order.


  1. Here's a link to a first hand account as to what really occurred.

  2. Yeah. Read the account here:

    It shows that the chairman was wanting to ban any sort of video or audio recording device because I am sure he had seen the OKC and Athens videos!

  3. A near identical set of circumstances happened in 2008 at the Missouri Second Congressional Caucus. I was an alternate delegate. The chairman, parliamentarian, the credentials committee, and the rules committee (complete with ready-made rules) were all selected prior to the start of the caucus. They started by tossing out the entire St. Charles Delegation. Anyone who objected with a point of order was met with police (strong presence up front) moving in quickly. I saw several delegates pulling specific alternates forward and bringing them straight to the chair for immediate "promotion" to full delegate without a proper vote.

    This time, RP supporters were ready. No need to wonder why they didn't want cameras around, it's all on tape.