Thursday, March 8, 2012

About That Anti-Trade Ad by the EU

An anonymous commenter at the post notes( my bold):
What an asinine commercial. I've got to say, even though the message is horrible, aesthetically, it did look cool. 
I wonder how much money it took to put that together? By watching that, you'd almost think the EU was at war with the world. Funny thing about that is the look and feel of the piece as well as the costuming of the EU woman is copied from the US film Kill Bill, which in turn was copied from Samurai Reincarnation, Lady Snowblood, and Game of Death, which were, ironically, all Hong Kong and Japanese films. Exchange with other parts of the world makes you poorer? Come on guys, without it your stupid commercial wouldn't have had at least looked cool


  1. 127 tsd € was "invested" in that propaganda spot.

  2. It's also almost guaranteed that the cameras, lighting equipment, microphones, video editing software, and audio software used to create the piece were all made and imported in from India, China, Taiwan, Japan, and the US.

  3. This is not an anti-trade spot, it is a pro-immigration spot.

    When will it ever be enough? When the Europeans are finally eradicated from their own lands? Will the diversity enforcers then complain about not enough whites in Europe? I don't think so...